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Includes current position, dissertation title, and dissertation committee members.


Behice Pehlivan, Academic HR Professional, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
“The Uneasy Middle Class: Young Homeownership in Istanbul”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Doreen Lee, Jeffrey Juris, Ates Altinordu

Miguel Montalva Barba, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Salem State University, Salem, MA
“Narratives of Gentrification”
Committee: Silvia Dominguez, Liza Weinstein, Gordana Rabrenovic, David Embrick

Edgar Orlando Benitez Salcedo, Professor, Department of Social Studies, Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia
“Microcredit and Repayment in Colombia”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Doreen Lee, Steven Vallas, Pedro Quintin Quilez

Lauren Contorno, Policy Research Fellow at Colorado Center on Law and Policy, Denver, CO; Research Analyst, Jefferson County Schools, Golden, CO
“Power, Agency, and Equity in Decarbonization: A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Just Transition Politics”
Committee: Phil Brown, Steve Vallas, Jennie Stephens

Sarah Faude, Director of Research and Evaluation, YW Boston, Boston, MA
“The Road to Registration: Bureaucracy, Inequalities, and the Paradox of Compulsory Choice”
Committee: Steve Vallas, Linda Blum, Matt Hunt, Shelley Kimelberg


Autumn Mathias, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Sociology Program Coordinator, Elms College, Chicopee, MA
“Responding to Violence in the Homeland:  Identity and Transnational Activism within the Indian Christian Diaspora”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Gordana Rabrenovic, Berna Turam, Peggy Levitt

Mia Renauld, User Experience Researcher, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA
“Shaped by Chevron: Race, Resistance, and Responsibility in Richmond, California”
Committee: Phil Brown, Liza Weinstein, Laura Senier, Rashad Shabazz

Lauren Richter, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Science, Rhode Island School of Design
“Unseen Science: The Social Re-Discovery of Per- and Polyfluorinated Compounds”
Committee: Phil Brown, Laura Senier, Steve Vallas, Alissa Cordner

Firuzeh Shokooh Valle, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
“Dreaming the Future: The Gendered Technopolitics of Development”
Committee: Kathrin Zippel, Jeffrey Juris, Nina Sylvanus, Suzanna Walters, Jocelyn Viterna

Yingchan Zhang, User Experience Researcher, Wayfair, Boston, MA
“Transnational Migration and the Global Circulation of Talent”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Kathrin Zippel, Gordana Rabrenovic, Gavin Shatkin

Anjuli Fahlberg, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Tufts University, Medford, MA
“Activism under Fire: Violence, poverty, and collective action in Rio de Janeiro”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Gordana Rabrenovic, Valentine Moghadam, Thomas Vicino

Wallis Adams, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, California State University East Bay, Hayward, CA
“Recovery and Reentry: Professionalizing and Resisting Stigmas in Forensic Peer Support”
Committee: Alisa Lincoln, Ineke Marshall, Phil Brown, Jeff Draine

Ethel Mickey, Postdoctoral Research Associate, ADVANCE Program, UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA
“Networks of Exclusion in a Gendered Organization in the High-Tech Industry”
Committee: Kathrin Zippel, Linda Blum, Steve Vallas, Erin Kelly


Ashley Veronica Reichelmann, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech University
“Threatened by Memory: White Americans’ Reactions to Representations of Slavery”
Committee: Matthew Hunt, Jack Levin, Arnie Arluke, Victor Thompson

Elizabeth Williams, Research Analyst, UMASS Donahue Institute’s Economic and Public Policy Research Branch
“Doors Opening: An Analysis of Equity and Accessibility of Public Transportation Services in the United States”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Liza Weinstein, Steve Vallas, James Connolly


Emily R. Cummins, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Clinical Addiction Research and Education (CARE) Unit, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
“Planning Uncertain Futures: Contesting City and Home in the ‘New’ Detroit”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Doreen Lee, Jeff Juris, Tim Cresswell

Jill C. Eshelman, Urban Environment and Public Health Researcher, Boston, MA
“The Social Ownership of Community Gardens: Implications for Environmental Justice, Food Access, and The Right to the City”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Liza Weinstein, James Connolly, Christopher Bosso

Esther M. Fenton, Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences, University of West Alabama
“The End of International Adoption? Altruism, Reproductive Markets, and the “Healthy Child”
Committee: Linda Blum, Liza Weinstein, Doreen Lee, Lorraine Bayard de Volo

Andrea L. Hill, Lecturer, Department of Social Work, University of Washington, Tacoma
“The Lived Realities of Economic Crisis: Neoliberal Ideology, Governmentality, and Resistance in Elkhart, Indiana”
Committee: Steven Vallas, Daniel Faber, Matthew O. Hunt, Ofer Sharone

Curtis Holland, Assistant Professor of Sociology, SUNY – Old Westport, Old Westport, NY
“Social Immobility, Ethno-Politics and Sectarian Violence: Obstacles to Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Northern Ireland”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Liza Weinstein, Jack Levin, Neil Jarman

J. Matthew Judge
“Identification, Understanding and Response: Exploring the Exposure Experience”
Committee: Phil Brown, Daniel Faber, Sara Wylie, Sara Shostak

Corina Medley
“Political Fantasies: A Sociological Analysis of Political Sexual Culture”
Committee: Michael Brown, Gordana Rabrenovic, Maureen Kelleher, Lin Huff-Corzine

Tainah Michida
“Japanese Souls and Brazilian Hearts: An Exploration of the Ethnic Identities and Mental Wellbeing of Japanese Brazilian Return-Return Migrants”
Committee: Alisa Lincoln, Matthew O. Hunt, Alan Klein, Takeyuki Tsuda

Lauren Ann Nicoll, Director of Concurrent Enrollment, Community College of Rhode Island
“Bringing Education Online: Institutional Logics in the Legitimation and Resistance to Online Higher Education”
Committee: Steven Vallas, Gordana Rabrenovic, Laura Senier, Daniel Kleinman

Anna C. Revette, Qualitative Research Manager, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
“Extractive Dreams: Unearthing Consent, Development, and Lithium in Bolivia”
Committee: Alan Klein, Liza Weinstein, Jeffrey Juris, Brent Kaup

Victoria Schow, Assistant Professor, Nazarene College
“The Local Political Incorporation of New Immigrants in Non-Traditional Gateways: A Case Study of Brockton, MA and Lowell, MA”
Committee: Silvia Dominguez, Len Albright, Shelley Kimelberg, Cathy Bueker


Amanda Crabb, Administrator and Technology Assistant, Academic Affairs, Curry College
“The Struggle for Special Visa Allotments for Irish: The Irish Immigration Reform Movement and the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform”
Committee: Thomas Koenig, Mindelyn Buford II, Gordina Rabrenovic, Rachel Rosenbloom

Meghan V. Doran, Associate Lecturer, UMass Boston’s McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies and Assistant Editor, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
“Narratives of the Past and Contemporary Urban Politics: The Case of the Boston School Desegregation Crisis”
Committee: Liza Weinstein, Jeffrey Juris, Shelley Kimelberg, Miren Uriarte

Betul Eksi, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Northeastern University
“Masculinities of the State: The Prime Minister and the Police in Turkey”
Committee: Berna Turam, Kathrin Zippel, Linda Blum, Elizabeth Wood

Mark Hengen, Associate Professor, Johnson & Wales University
“REACH: EU Chemicals Policy-Actors, Networks, Parties and Political Opportunities”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Ineke Marshall, Thomas Koenig, Christopher Bosso

Christopher Prener, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, St. Louis University
“Space, Place, and Disorder in Urban Emergency Medical Services Work”
Committee: Alisa Lincoln, Steven Vallas, Shelley Kimelberg, Patrick Sharkey

Katrina Uhly, Research Affiliate, Sciences Po, Paris
“Reconstituting Portals and Power Relations: The internationalization of l’Ecole polytechnique”
Committee: Kathrin Zippel, Linda Blum, Jeffrey Juris, Steven Vallas, Laura Frader


Haley A. Rosenfeld, Associate Director of Enrollment Research in Institutional Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University
“Institutional Financial Aid: An Examination of the Manner in which Policies are Publicly Framed and an Analysis of the Basis on which Aid Dollars are Truly Distributed”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Daniel Faber, Barry Bluestone, Joseph Pedulla

Amie Levesque, Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminology, University of Denver
“A Compulsory Alliance: Gender and Privilege in a High School Gay-Straight Alliance”
Committee: Alan Klein, Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic, Hana Gordon

Jennifer Katherine Lowe, Assistant Vice President of Research and Knowledge Sharing, Crittenton Women’s Union, Boston, MA
“Creating Supplemental Networks for Low-Income Women: Social Ties Embedded within Social Service Organizations.”
Committee: Shelley Kimmelberg, Liza Weinstein, Silvia Dominguez, Donna Friedman

Leandra M. Smollin, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, State University of New York at Potsdam
“Queer Adolescent Perceptions of Romantic Relationships and Dating Violence: Building an Integrative Framework for LGBTQ Violence Research.”
Committee: Ineke Marshall, Alisa Lincoln, Susan Jo Roberts, Carlos A. Cuevas


Sandra Arevalo,  Post Doctoral Research Associate, Center for Population Health and Health Disparities, UMass-Lowell
“Segregation, Stereotypes, and Neighborhoods: Their Influence on Whites’ Racial Attitudes and Blacks’ Self Esteem”
Committee: Luis M. Falcon, Shelley Kimelberg, Theresa Osypuk, Matthew Hunt

Tammi Arford, Assistant Professor of Crime and Justice Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA
“Captive Knowledge: Censorship and Control in Prison Libraries”
Committee: Ineke Haen Marshall, Arnold Arluke, Natasha A. Frost

Chase Billingham, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas
“The State, the School, and the Family in the Gentrification of the American City”
Committee: Matthew Hunt, Shelley McDonough Kimelberg, Liza Weinstein, Barry Bluestone, John R. Logan

Sean Brown, Part-time Faculty, Sociology, University of New Mexico
“Social Capital and Youth Baseball: A Qualitative Investigation of Parental Social Ties”
Committee: Alan Klein, Shelley Kimelberg, Arnold Arluke, Mario Small


Eric Madfis, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Washington-Tacoma, Tacoma, WA
“Averting the Unlikely: Fearing, Assessing, and Preventing Threats of Rampage Violence in American Public Schools”
Committee: Jack Levin, Arnold Arluke, Ineke Marshall, Glenn Muschert

Lora L. Karaoglu, Adjunct Faculty, Monroe Community College, SUNY
“Globalization, Unequal Ecological Exchange, and Climate Justice: The Case of Turkey and the European Union”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Koenig, Berch Berberoglu

Kat Rickenbacker, Assistant Professor, Marlboro College, Marlboro, Vermont
“City Roots: Grassroots Efforts to Improve Social and Environmental Capital in Urban Areas”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Judith Perrolle, Shelley Kimelberg, Joan Fitzgerald

Mark Melnik, Deputy Director for Research at Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston, MA
“Assessing the Role of Industrial and Demographic Change on Regional Economic Health: A Case Study of Greater Boston”
Committee: Barry Bluestone, Michael Handel, Gordana Rabrenovic, Alan-Clayton Matthews

Claudia Ditmar Coffield
“Non-Traditional Educational Trajectories: The Educational Aspirations and Expectations of Women Who are Educationally Disadvantaged”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Debra Kaufman, Michael Handel, Lorna Rivera


Amy Lubitow, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Portland State University, Portland, OR
“The Battle over Bishenol-A: United States Chemical Policy and the New Networked Environmental Politics”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Judith Perrolle, Jeffrey Juris, Thomas Estabrook

Vincent Ferraro, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Framingham State, Framingham, MA
“Crime in the New Destinations: The Effect of Changing Patterns of Immigrant Settlement on Traditional and Biased Crime”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Jack Levin, Samantha Friedman, and Jacob I. Stowell

Sarah Cope Nicksa, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Widener University, Chester, PA
“College Students’ Self-Predicted Reactions to Witnessing Sexual Assault: The Impact of Gender, Community, Bystander Experience, and Relationship to the Victim”
Committee: Ineke Marshall, Jack Levin, Carlos Cuevas, and Mary M. Moynihan

Stephanie Cappadona, Lecturer, Curry College, Milton, MA
“Which Bias Crimes Get Prosecuted? An Analysis of Bias Motivated Incidents and Prosecutions in the City of Boston, Massachusetts 2007-2008″
Committee: Jack Levin, Jack McDevitt, Gordana Rabrenovic, Carolyn Petrosino

Tonn Q. Cao, Lecturer, Bunker Hill Community College and Clinical Sociologist, Tonn Cao and Associates, Quincy, MA
“Celebratory Parade Violence: The Roles of Impression Management and Deindividuation”
Committee: Jack Levin, Steven Vallas, Gordana Rebrenovic, and Richard Rowland


Jaronda J. Miller, Chief Financial Officer, Women’s Work Foundation, Savannah, GA
“Exploring “Ethnic Money Knowledge” as an Aspect of Financial Literacy Among Middle Class African Americans”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Koenig, Robert Hall and Cynthia Jackson


Patricia Morris, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Drury University, Springfield, MO
“Encounters with “Death Work” in Veterinary Medicine: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Practice of Euthansia”
Committee: Arnold Arluke, Thomas Koenig, Silvia Dominguez, Clinton Sanders

Stanislav Vysotsky, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Williamette University, Salem, OR
“The Good Fight: Variations in Explanations of the Tactical Choices by Activists Who Confront Organized White Supremacists”
Committee: Jack Levin, Kathrin Zippel, Judith Perrolle, Diane Dentice


Peter Cassino, Co-Founder and Senior Research Consultant at Social Science Research Solutions, LLP, Boston, MA
“A National and Local Response to a Local Problem: How the Public, Media, Government and Local Organizations Reacted to the Crime Wave at the Late 1980s and Early 1990s”
Committee: Jack Levin, Gordana Rabrenovic, Maureen Kelleher, Glenn Pierce

Meghan Finley, Evaluation Consultant, Consultation Center, New Haven, CT
“The Impact of Family of Origin Violence and Military Life on Adult Partner Violence Against Women in Navy Couples”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Kathrin Zippel, Maureen Kelleher, Linda Williams

Janese Free, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Emmanuel College, Department of Sociology, Boston, MA
“First Step or Last Chance: At-Risk Youth, Alternative Schooling and Juvenile Delinquency”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Jack Levin, Maureen Kelleher, Simon Singer

Marci Gerulis, Lecturer of Sociology, Metropolitan State University (St. Paul) and Augsburg College (Minneapolis), MN
“Vulnerability and the Social Production of Disaster: Hurricane Mitch in Posoltega, Nicaragua”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Judith Perrolle, Thomas Koenig, Ronald Sandler

Nelly Oliver, Senior Research Associate, Human Services Research Institute, Cambridge, MA
“An Examination of Factors Associated with Student Exclusions in Massachusetts School Districts”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Jack Levin, Maureen Kelleher, Geoff Ward

Paul Saucier, Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College, Department of Sociology, Providence, RI
“We Eat Cachupa, Not Clam Chowder: Mapping Second Generation Cape Verdean Youth Identity in the Greater Boston Area”
Committee: Michael Brown, Wini Breines, Matthew Hunt, Murray Forman, Kumarini Silva

Alyssa Scott, Vice President of Healthcare Informatics, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
“Caged Lives and Caged Minds? The Role of Agency in the Desistance Process: A Secondary Analysis of the Nebraska Inmate Survey”
Committee: Ineke Marshall, Thomas Koenig, Peter Manning, Mike Manocchie


Colleen Keaney-Mischel, Adjunct Lecturer of Sociology and Criminology, Merrimack College, North Andover
“Bridging the Gap: The Role of Gender Advisers in Implementing United Nations Gender Mainstreaming Policy in Peacekeeping Operations”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Debra Kaufman, Kathrin Zippel, Angela Raven-Roberts

Phyllis Brashler, Suicide Prevention and Primary Mental Health Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Health, Rochester, MN
“Flirting with Feminism: The State and the Battered Women’s Movement in Massachusetts”
Committee: Winifred Breines, Kathrin Zippel, Debra Kaufman, Eileen McDonough

Yndia Lorick-Wilmot, Senior Associate, Frameworks Institute, Washington, DC
“The Role of Social Organizations in Black Ethnic Identity Construction of Post-1965 Caribbean Immigrants in Brooklyn, New York”
Committee: Winifred Breines, Maureen Kelleher, Gordana Rabrenovic, Paula Aymer

Marta B. Rodriguez-Galan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
“Depression among Aging Hispanics in Massachusetts: The Role of Informal and Formal Social Support Systems”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Gordana Rabrenovic, William Sanchez, Jan Mutchler


Jennifer Fagen, Assistant Professor, Lamar University, Department of Sociology, Beaumont, Texas
“A Masculinist Discourse of Women’s Sexuality: A Feminist Analysis”
Committee: Debra Kaufman, Kathrin Zippel, Jack Levin, Third Reader, and Peter Anderson

Lorenzo Boyd, Assistant Professor, Fayetteville State University, Department of Criminal Justice, Fayetteville, NC
“Correlates of Attitudinal Differences Between Black and White Police Officers. A study of the Indianapolis, IN. and St. Petersburg, FL. Police Departments”
Committee: Thomas Koenig, Jack Levin, Barry Bluestone


Donna McKenzie-Cole, Senior Lecturer, Suffolk University, Department of Sociology, Boston, MA
“Race and Perception of Race in Post Colonial Private School in Botswana”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Koenig, Jack Levin, and Thomas Shapiro

Ingrid Castro, Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University, Department of Sociology, Chicago, IL
“Of Color Bright: Interracial Friendships in the Lives of Young College Women”
Committee: Maureen Kelleher, Gordana Rabrenovic, Winifred Breines, and Carla Rodriguez

Nahide Konak, Visiting Assistant Professor, Baldwin-Wallace College, Department of Sociology, Berea, Ohio
“Globalization Development and Environmental Justice Movement: The Case of Bergoma, Turkey”
Committee:Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Koenig, Chris Bosso


Jodi Cohen, Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State College, Department of Sociology, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
“The Successes and Limitations of Single-Sex Math Classrooms in American Public Schools”
Committee: Judith Perrolle, Thomas Koenig, Gordana Rabrenovic, Bonnie Wood

Mary Churchill, Assistant Dean, School of Professional and Continuing Studies, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
“The Reading of Everyday Life: Popular and Comic Books”
Committee: Michael Brown, Winifred Breines, Thomas Shapiro, and Randy Martin

Jessica Kenty-Drane, Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University, Department of Sociology, New Haven, Connecticut
“Disparities from the Start: Class-and-Race-Based Inequality in Schools”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Shapiro, Luis Falcón, James Fraser


Eric Bourgeois, Visiting Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Department of Sociology, Dartmouth
“Merging Environmental Justice and Brownfields Policy in Massachusetts: Opportunities and Obstacles to the Revitalization of Urban Communities”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Thomas Koenig, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Barry Bluestone

Shobha Gurung, Associate Professor of Sociology & Women’s and Gender Studies, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
“Women in Factory-Based and Home-Based Carpet Production in Napel: Beyond the Formal and Informal Economy”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic, Luis Falcon, and Terry Haywoode

Maurizio Marroni, Member, Faculty of Sciences of the Formations, Roma Tre Universita Degli Studi (University of Rome, III), Rome, Italy
“Italy’s 1990′s Black-hole, the Northern League and its Impact Upon the Post-Industrial States of the Italian Society: A Case Study”
Committee:Daniel Faber, Thomas Koenig, T. Anthony Jones, and Michael Blim

Sheila Mehta-Green, Senior Account Executive, WebCT, A Blackboard Company, Lynnfield, Massachusetts and Adjunct Faculty, Nichols College and Middlesex Community College
“An Anaylsis of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Banners that Affect the Advancement of Women Managers in the High Tech Industry”
Committee: Debra Kaufman, Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic

Ozlem Sari, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Department of Sociology, Saskatoon, Canada
“Prejudice as a Response to Group Threat: Evidence from the European Union”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Kathrin Zippel, Barry Bluestone, and Michael Blim


Deborah Baiano Berman, Adjunct Faculty, Framingham State University, Department of Sociology, Framingham, Massachusetts
“Deadheads as a Moral Community”
Committee: Michael Brown, Debra Kaufman, Jack Levin, and Randy Martin

Jeb Booth, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
“The Influence of Family and Neighborhood Context on Crime Among Juvenile Offenders”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Jack Levin, Matt Hunt, and Ramiro Martinez

Kevin Borgeson, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, New York
“Internet Communications and Skinhead Communities”
Committee: Michael Brown, Jack Levin, Debra Kaufman, and Phil Lamy

Margo Capparelli, Adjunct Faculty, Framingham State University, Department of Sociology, Framingham, Massachusetts
“Speculative Endeavors: Stock Trading and Everyday Life”
Committee: Arnold Arluke, Michael Brown, Thomas Shapiro, Jack Levin, and Randy Martin

Christine Griffin, Research Analyst, Kiley and Company, Boston, Massachusetts
“Women and Politics: When the Gender Gap in Public Opinion Changes”
Committee: Maureen Kelleher, Gordana Rabrenovic, Winifred Breines, and Eileen McDonagh

Paula McCabe, Associate Director of the University Honors Program, American University, Washington, D.C.
“The Changing U.S. News Media Landscape and Implications for U.S. Journalism, Journalist and Democracy: A Sociological Inquiry”
Committee: Debra Kaufman, Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Shapiro, and Laurel Leff

Claudia Mora, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, St. Xavier College, Chicago, IL
“The Meaning of Womanhood in Chile: Virgin, Mother, Worker?”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Debra Kaufman, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Margorie Agosin

Keith Saunders, Adjunct Faculty, University College, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
“An Ethnography of Marijuana Policy Reform Groups and Marijuana Culture”
Committee: Michael Brown, Thomas Shapiro, Jack Levin, and David Wagner

Melissa Tackett-Gibson, Assistant Professor, Sam Houston University, Criminal Justice Center, Huntsville, Texas
“Performance Measurement and Human Service Organizations: The Impact of Evaluation Processes on Organizational Programs and Practices”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Maureen Kelleher, Jack Levin, and Jim Dyer

Felicia Wiltz, Chair and Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts
“The Role of Human Capital in the Occupation, Job Tenure, and Salary of Former Welfare Recipients”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Thomas Koenig, and Gordana Rabrenovic

Dena Wittman, Consultant, National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness, Southern Regional Office, New Orleans, Louisiana
“All that Glitters is Sure to Fade: A Gendered Analysis of Work and Culture in the Dockside Gaming Industry”
Committee: Winifred Breines, Gordana Rabrenovic, Debra Kaufman


Heather Beth Johnson, Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, Department of Sociology, Pennsylvania
“The Ideology of Meritocracy and the Power of Wealth: School Selection and the Reproduction of Race and Class Inequality”
Committee: Thomas Shapiro, Maureen Kelleher, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Melvin Oliver

Montse Luengo-Filguiras
“Minority-oriented text-based community life on the Internet: A case study on the role of computer networking in fostering welfare of young adults with visual disabilities in the early years of Web development.”
Committee: Judith Perrolle, Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Shapiro, and Michael Blim

Deborah McCarthy, Assistant Professor, College of Charleston, Department of Sociology, Charleston, South Carolina
“The Color of Green: Lessons Learned from the Developing Relationship between Philanthropic Foundations and the Environmental Justice Movement”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Winifred Breines, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Susan Ostrander

Rosaria Pisa, Adjunct Faculty Member, Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts
“Restructuring the Agrarian Sector: Property and Citizenship in Mexico”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Thomas Koenig, Lynn Stephen, and Susan Eckstein

Feryal Turan, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Ankara
“Drowning the Poor: The Social and Ecological Costs of Water Development in Turkey”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Luis Falcon, Judith Perrolle, and Michael Blim

Linda Vasques-Lockwood
“Domestic Violence in Portuguese, Cape Verdean, and Brazilian Families: A Clinical, Sociological, and Qualitative Study”
Committee: Jack Levin, Michael Brown, William Sanchez, and Gonzal Bacigalupe


Augusto Diana, Program Director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Washington, DC
“Youth at Play: Preventing Youth Problem Behavior through Sport and Recreation”
Committee:Thomas Koenig, Alan Klein, Jack Levin, and Robert Granfield

Ara Ghazarians
“The Rise of Ethnonationalism in the Soviet Union: A Comparative Study with a Special Reference to Armenia 1945-1991″
Committee: Lubomyr Hajda, T. Anthony Jones, Luis Falcon, and Gordana Rabrenovic

Karen Lischinsky, Adjunct Faculty, University College, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
“Men at Work, at Home and in the World: A Case Study of Grocery Night Crew Workers”
Committee: Michael Brown, Jack Levin, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Randy Martin

Michael Manochhia, Health Services Researcher, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Providence, RI
Is there a cumulative advantage in health-related quality of life associated with educational attainment?
Committee: Elliott Krause, Luis Falcon, Thomas Koenig, and Kathy Lasch

Lorna Rivera, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Department of Sociology, Boston, Massachusetts
“Learning Community: An Ethnographic Study of Popular Education and Homeless Women in a Shelter-Based Adult Literacy Program”
Committee: Gordana Rabrenovic, Wilfred Holton, Terry Haywoode, and Ann Withorn

Lisa Steriti DiGianni, Research Analyst, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
“Factors Associated with Smoking Status and Birth Outcomes Among Low-Income Pregnant Women: A Social Policy Perspective”
Committee: Maureen Kelleher, Thomas Shapiro, Wilfred Holton, and Karen Emmons


Benjamin Steiner, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware, Department of Sociology, Newark, Delaware
Race, Ideology, and Legal Action: The Case of Capital Sentencing Jurors
Committee: Jack Levin, William Bowers, Thomas Koenig, and Marla Sandys

Paul Lopez, Associate Professor, California State University, Chicano Studies and Sociology
“A Study of Industry Location and Occupational Segmentation of Mexican and non-Latino White Workers in the Los Angeles Labor Market, 1980-1990: A Comparative Analysis”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Lynn Stephen, Thomas Shapiro, and Alfonso Morales


Donna Barnes, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Southwestern Texas University
“The Aftermath of Suicide Among African Americans”
Committee: Michael Brown, Arnold Arluke, and Jack Levin

Michael Boyd, Professor of Management, Bentley College, College of Business, Waltham, Massachusetts
“The Sociology of the American Electrical Engineering Occupation: A Socio-Historical Analysis of the Profession, Professionalization, Power, and Status”
Committee:Elliott Krause, Michael Brown, T. Anthony Jones, and Peter Meiksins

Serenca Cosgrove, Program Officer, Avina Foundations, Miami, Florida
“Give Them the Credit They Deserve: Marketwomen and the Impact of the Micro-Enterprise Lending in the Municipalities of Apopa and Nejapa, El Salvador”
Committee: Lynn Stephen, Gordana Rabrenovic, Luis Falcon, and Michael Blim

Xiaodong Ma, Assistant Professor, Beijing University, Department of Sociology, People’s Republic of China
“Negotiating a Space: Gender Dynamics of China’s Rural Industrialization”
Committee: Lynn Stephen, Christine Gailey, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Christine Gilmartin

Kristin Moag, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, Management Consulting Firm, Mclean, Virginia
“Unequal Risks: Excess Fire Mortality among African Americans 1949-1992″
Committee: Thomas Shapiro, Thomas Koenig, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Charles Jennings

Christine Payne, Chief Executive Officer, Concord Consultants, Cambridge, Massachusetts
“The Massachusetts Community Health Network Area Initiative: A Community-Government Partnership”
Committee: Thomas Koenig, Gordana Rabrenovic, Wilfred Holton, and Alan Balsam

Alexander Thomas, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, SUNY at Oneonta, Oneonta, New York
“Economic and Social Restructuring in a Rural Community”
Committee: Wilfred Holton, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Jack Levin

Paul Zipper, Massachusetts State Police Department
“The Police and Civil Society”
Committee: Michael Brown, Jack Levin, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Randy Martin


Penelope Herideen, Associate Professor, Holyoke Community College, Liberal Arts Department, Holyoke, Massachusetts
“Developing a Critical Pedagogy for Democracy’s College: Matching Social Policy with Community College Student Realities”
Committee: Jack Levin, Michael Brown, Wilfred Holton, and Henry Giroux

Karen Hayden, Assistant Professor, Merrimack College, Department of Sociology, North Andover, Massachusetts
“A Wonderful Barbarous State in the Midst of Civilization: An Exploration of the Mythology of a Pariah Community”
Committee: Michael Brown, Debra Kaufman, and Gordana Rabrenovic

Spencer Blakeslee, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Framingham State University, Framingham, Massachusetts (Retired)
“Decision Making in Jewish Advocacy Organization”
Committee: Debra Kaufman, Ronald McAllister, and Gordana Rabrenovic


Sylvia MacPhee, Assistant Professor, LaSalle College, Department of Sociology, Newton, Massachusetts
“Creation, Spirituality: Eco-spiritual Movement for the New Age”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Ronald McAllister, Wini Breines, and Susan Setta

George Parangimalil, Associate Professor, Texas A & M University, Texarkana, Department of Behavioral Science, Texarakana, Texas
“Socio-Environmental Factors and Health: The Latino Experience”
Committee: Wilfred Holton, Jack Levin, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Kevin Mulvey

Jyoti Puri, Associate Professor, Simmons College, Department of Sociology, Boston, Massachusetts“Gender and Sexuality in Postcolonial India: Narratives from Urban Middle-class Women”
Committee: Debra Kaufman, Christine Gailey, Lynn Stephen, Winifred Breines


Mirna Lascanom Research Associate, Department of Education, Boston Public Schools, Boston, Massachusetts
“Experience of Immigrant Boston Students in One Boston Public School”
Committee: Felix Padilla, Gordana Rabrenovic, and Michael Brown

Kim MacInnis Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts
“Undocumented and Abused Immigrant Women in Massachusetts”
Committee: Winifred Breines, Debra Kaufman, Gordana Rabrenovic, Maureen Kelleher, and Bill Levin

Carol Apt, Assistant Professor, South Carolina State University, Department of Psychology and Sociology
“Homosexual Men: Self-Image and Relationships”
Committee: Jack Levin, Richard Bourne, Michael Brown, and Sue Hoppe

Louis Kontos, Associate Professor, C.W. Post College, Department of Sociology, Long Island, New York
“Differentiation and Contamination”
Committee: Michael Brown, Jack Levin, Felix Padilla, and Stephen Pfohl

Daniel Gilbarg, Associate Professor, Bristol Community College, Department of Sociology/New Bedford, Massachusetts
“Divergent Experience: Economic Status of White, Black, and Latina Single Mothers in Boston”
Committee: Luis Falcon, Thomas Shapiro, Thomas Koenig, and Ann Withorn

Eric Krieg, Associate Professor, Buffalo State University, Department of Sociology, Buffalo, New York
“Toxic Wastes, Race, and Class: A Historical Interpretation of Greater Boston”
Committee: Daniel Faber, Gordana Rabrenovic, Thomas Koenig, and Phil Brown

Xiaolan Liu
“Work Culture, Job Satisfaction and Unionization: The Case of Museum Art Guards”
Committee:Michael Brown, Gordana Rabrenovic, Jack Levin, and Randy Martin

Shampa Mazumdar
“Sacred Spaces: Socio-Spatial Adaptations of Hindu Migrants”
Committee: Ronald McAllister, Wilfred Holton, and Jack Levin


Maureen Norton-Hawk, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts
“Social Dynamics of Law: Limitation to Prosecutorial Discrimination in the Case of Pregnant Addicts”
Committee: Thomas Koenig, Maureen Kelleher, and Jack Levin

Joshua Awosan
“Epidemiological Profile of the Environmental Health Care Component of Primary Health Care and Socioeconomic Development Potentials in Nigeria: A Case Study of Kaduna State”


Stephen Adair, Associate Professor, Central Connecticut State University, Department of Sociology
“Power, Credibility and the Public: The Social Construction at Seabrook Station”
Committee: German Gray, Winifred Breines, Lynn Stephen, and Michael Blim

Kevin Mulvey, Program Evaluator for Substance Abuse, Institute for Urban Health Policy
“Homeless Substance Abusers”
Committee: Maureen Kelleher, Carol Owen, and Earl Rubington

Said Bhyer, Associate Professor, University of Morocco, Department of Behavioral Science
“A Comparative Study between Moroccan Mental Healing and Psychiatry Practiced in Morocco”
Committee: Thomas Koenig, Christine Gailey, Ronald McAllister, and Thomas Harrington


Robin Chandler, Associate Professor, African American Studies Department, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
“Reason and Memory in Artist Performance Practice: Toward a Multicultural Epistemology”
Committee: Michael Brown, Jack Levin, Leonard Brown


Sylvia Mignon, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Criminal Justice Department, Boston, Massachusetts
“The Social Organizations of the Diagnosis of Alcoholism: Physicians’ Definitions and Responses to Elderly Alcoholism”
Committee:Earl Rubington, Maureen Kelleher, Craig Reinerman, and Gerald Garrett

Phil Lamy, Associate Professor, Castleton State College, Department of Sociology, Vermont
“The Meek Shall Not Inherit the Earth: Survivalism and the American Millennial Myth”
Committee: Michael Brown

Virginia Cazort Risse, Administrator, Special Needs Program, ABCD Head State Program, Brookline, Massachusetts“The 10th Isle: Assimilation Among Azorean Immigrants”