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Miranda Dotson

Dotson, M. P., Castro, E. M., Magid, N. T., Hoyt, L. T., Suleiman, A. B., & Cohen, A. K. (2022). “Emotional Distancing”: Change and Strain in U.S. Young Adult College Students’ Relationships During COVID-19. Emerging Adulthood, 10(2), 546-557.            

Cohen, A. K., Brahinsky, R., Coll, K. M., Dotson, M. P. (2022). “We Keep Each Other Safe”: San Francisco Bay Area Community-Based Organizations Respond to Enduring Crises in the COVID-19 Era. The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences. ​

Miranda P. Dotson, Lindsay T. Hoyt & Alison K. Cohen (2022) Unsuitable’ environments: a qualitative study of US college youth learning online while sheltering-in-place in spring 2020, Journal of Youth Studies, DO: 10.1080/13676261.2022.2112162

Yana Mommadova

Johnston, H., Mommadova, Y., Vallas, S., & Schor, J. 2023. Delivering difference: ‘Unbelonging’ among US platform parcel delivery workers. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, rsac046.

Vallas, S. P., Johnston, H., & Mommadova, Y. 2022. Prime Suspect: Mechanisms of Labor Control at Amazon’s WarehousesWork and Occupations, 49(4), 421-456.

Grace Poudrier

Salvatore, Derrick, Kira Mok, Kimberly K. Garrett, Grace Poudrier, Phil Brown, Linda S. Birnbaum, Gretta Goldenman et al. “Presumptive Contamination: A New Approach to PFAS Contamination Based on Likely Sources.” Environmental Science & Technology Letters 9, no. 11 (2022): 983-990. 

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Taylor Braswell

Social Forces; Shatkin, Gavin, Taylor Harris Braswell, and Melinda Martinus. 2022.”Mapping and the politics of informality in Jakarta“. 

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Shavaun Sutton

Sept 2022- LeConté J. Dill, Shavaun S. Sutton, Emily S. Cowan, Arielsela Holdbrook-Smith; Oh, We Got Beef?!: Ruptures, Refusals, Rifts, and Re-Commitments in Academic-Community Partnerships. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 1 September 2022; 11 (3): 40-56. doi:

Cowan, E. S., Dill, L.J., and Sutton, S. 2021. “Collective Healing: A Framework for Building Transformative Collaborations in Public Health.” Health Promotion Practice 15248399211032608. doi: 10.1177/15248399211032607.

Tibrine Da Fonseca

Lincoln, A. K., Cardeli, E., Sideridis, G., Salhi, C., Miller, A. B., Da Fonseca, T., Issa, O., & Ellis, B. H. (2021). “Discrimination, marginalization, belonging, and mental health among Somali immigrants in North America“. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 91(2), 280–293.​

Rebekah Getman

Nelson, L., Getman, R., Haeq, S. “And the Rest is History: Measuring the Scope and Recall of Wikipedia’s Coverage of Three Women’s Movement Subgroups.” Sociological Methods and Research. 2021; 1(38).​

Elisabeth Wilder

Liévanos, Raoul S., Elisabeth Wilder, Lauren Richter, Jennifer Carrera, and Michael Mascarenhas. 2021. “Challenging the White Spaces of Environmental Sociology.”Environmental Sociology 7(2):103-109. ​