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In the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, cooperative education—or co-op for short—is a key component to the Experiential Liberal Arts, an educational model that integrates experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, and politics.

Students enhance their understanding of sociology and cultural anthropology through co-op. They develop professional, academic, and life skills while completing their co-op experiences at a wide variety of placements, including corporations, non-profit organizations, direct care providers, educational institutions, law firms, research institutes, government agencies and more. Students are often surprised at how their co-op experiences integrate with and enrich their academic learning. They gain numerous insights when they see and experience themes and topics they have discussed in class.

Co-op Coordinator in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology


Lisa Worsh, Senior Cooperative Education Coordinator
15 Lake Hall (Basement)

Co-ops in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology

Enhance classroom learning and deepen knowledge through co-op in a variety of experiences. Below is a partial list of job titles and co-op employers by field, topic, or industry.

  • Business
    • Event Marketing, Compliance Coordinator, Business Operations, BOKS Co-op
    • Liberty Mutual insurance Group; Education First (EF); EnerNOC Incorporated; Reebok
  • Non-profit organizations
    • Recruitment and Community Partnerships, Elementary Curriculum Writing Fellow, Special Projects Co-op, Healthcare Improvement Project Assistant
    • Big Sister Association of Boston; Bridge International Academies; Root Cause; Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Direct Care
    • Residential Counselor, Teacher’s Assistant, Mental Health Associate, Program Associate
    • Crotched Mountain Rehab Center; Walker; Franciscan Hospital for Children; Arbour Hospital; Triangle
  • Research
    • Knowledge Management and Development Intern, Research Assistant, Anthropology Intern
    • National Center on Time and Learning; Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict; Bishop Museum
  • Higher Education
    • Admissions Assistant, Service-Learning Program Assistant, Honors Program Assistant, Housing Operations Co-op, Operations Oversight Manager
    • Northeastern University Office of Admissions, Northeastern University Center of Community Service, Northeastern University Office of Housing, Northeastern University’s Curry Student Center
  • Education
    • Teacher’s Assistant, Instructional Assistant, Extended Day Teaching Assistant
    • John Winthrop School; Newton Public Schools; Upper Devotion School; Driscoll School
  • Law
    • Legal Office Assistant, Clerk, General Litigation
    • Manion Gaynor & Manning; O’Malley & Harvey; Foley Hoag
  • Marketing
    • Advertising and Media Strategy Co-op, Digital Marketing Associate, Event Marketing Associate, Advertising Account Coordinator
    • Reebok; Wayfair; Triangle; Argus
  • Social Enterprise – Social Change
    • Small Business Entrepreneurship Internship, Innovation Program Assistant, Social Innovation Forum Program Co-op, Junior Analyst Co-op, Venture and Fellowship Associate, Social Impact Lab Program Assistant
    • Interise; Doorway to Dreams; Social Innovation Forum; New Profit Inc.; Ashoka; Northeastern University’s Social Impact Lab

Learn more about Co-op

If you would like to learn more about how co-op works in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, please visit the CSSH co-op website.