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Carie Hersh wins CSSH Outstanding Teaching Award

Carie Hersh, Associate Teaching Professor in Anthropology

Professor Hersh is an outstanding teacher whose unique style of inclusive, multimodal pedagogy is effective at changing how students see the world around them. She uses experiential education not only to teach students about how anthropological knowledge is constructed but also to have them actually construct that knowledge and then to share it with the general public in a way that is engaging and informative. Her pedagogical goal is one of the most important: waking students up to the social realities that so often go unnoticed, and thus equipping them with the self-awareness to live profoundly meaningful and compassionate lives. She is active in sharing her expertise, both with colleagues through workshops and mentoring circles and with the general public through her popular podcast. She is thus an educator both inside and outside of the classroom, one whose courses are transformative for students and whose public engagement contributes to making the world a more thoughtful and interesting place.

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