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[APRIL 24, 2024]- Feminisms Unbound: Feminist Collectives

April 24, 2024, at 6:30-8:00 PM ET

Virtual via Zoom


Join us for the last panel in the 2023-2024 Feminisms Unbound series!

“2024 marks 50 years since the iconic radical Black feminist group, Combahee River Collective, began meeting. As they write in their statement, which is unanimously recognized as an ur-text of radical feminist politics: “We are a collective of Black feminists who have been meeting together since 1974. During that time we have been involved in the process of defining and clarifying our politics, while at the same time doing political work within our own group and in coalition with other progressive organizations and movements.” Taking the work of Combahee as a point of departure, we take the occasion to meditate on “feminist collective/s” as an organizing force, a practice, and concept that is just as urgent in the 21st century as it has been in the history. Whether it references a group acting together to achieve a goal, a gathering of people to be in a community, or the power of collective organizing the idea of the “collective/s” is essential to feminist praxis. Our speakers will ruminate on the collective/s in various forms and from multiple perspectives. “

See the flyer below for more information!

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