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Building the Digital Transgender Archive

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In 2016 the Digital Transgender Archive (DTA), conceptualized by Northeastern University professor K.J. Rawson (English and WGSS), became the first digital archive to directly address the systematic challenges related to researching transgender history. Where other archives are often unaware of their own trans-related holdings or organize their materials in a way that makes these sources difficult to find, the DTA provides users with an easily navigable interface for immediately accessing thousands of historical materials directly relating to transgender history. The archive can be used for academic research, personal interest, or education, which is becoming especially relevant with the rise of anti-transgender violence and legislation. This article, featuring insight from professor K.J. Rawson, discuss how the archive came to be, how it has evolved, and how it is continuing to grow.

To read the full article from Library Journal, click here!

To visit the Digital Transgender Archive, click here!

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