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Constitutional Contagion: How Constitutional Law is Hurting Americans’ Health

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Northeastern University professor of law and WGSS Executive Committee member Wendy Parmet has had extensive experience advocating in the realm of law and public health. Parmet’s investment in both health and law is reflected in her past efforts advocating for those with HIV, for abortion access, and for access to healthcare for legal immigrants in Massachusetts. More recently, she has been focused on the Supreme Court’s responses to COVID-19. In her new book, Constitutional Contagion, Parmet discusses how Supreme Court rulings during the early 2020s have eroded the government’s ability to protect peoples’ health. This article, from Northeastern Global News details how Parmet came to be interested in constitutional law and public health, as well as reflections on her new book, COVID-19, and related public health crises.

To read the full article from Northeastern Global News, click here!

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