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MARCH 4-5 [GCWS EVENT]: Liberating Temporality and Spatiality

GCWS Graduate Conference: Liberating Temporality and Spatiality
Conference Dates: March 4-5, 2023
In-person and Zoom options

Time and space, while often seen as linear and confined concepts, can be stretched, altered, and reconfigured. We move through time and space in fits & bursts; some ways of moving and being are deemed normative or “good” and brought to the forefront, while others might be marginalized and cast aside. Here, we instead cast aside normative ideas of time and space to focus on how liberating the concepts of temporality and spatiality can help us imagine and create new futures, communities, and ways of being. This conference seeks to look at liberatory conceptions of spatiality and temporality, particularly in the contexts of racial justice, abolition, disability rights, queer/trans ecologies, human development, death studies and practices, embodiment, community building, and more.

How might liberation encourage, if not require, new orientations to the concepts of time and space? What is the messiness that exists in these spaces of creation?

This free conference is open to everyone! It offers 23 sessions (panels, art, performance, and film), 75+ abstracts, and 75+ speakers. More information can be found on our website and people are encouraged to register and learn more about the schedule and each of the abstracts.

Our plenary panel will feature:

·      Alize Arıcan, Moderator

·      Fatema Ahmad, Muslim Justice League

·      Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, Brown University

·      William Cheng, Dartmouth University & Radcliffe Institute Fellow

·      Rebecca Hall, Radcliffe Institute Fellow

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