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[NOVEMBER 30, 2023] Feminisms Unbound: Radicalizing Reproduction

Thursday, Nov 30
05:30-7:30 PM
Online (registration required)

Join Boston’s Graduate Consortium of Women’s Studies for a panel on reproductive governance and care! Reproduction is increasingly the locus of political panic, from attacks on abortion rights to ethical debates about new reproductive technologies. But moral panics about reproduction are nothing new. The reproduction of bodies and labor has been regulated and surveilled in the service of a variety of projects in a variety of historical contexts–tied to nationalism, capitalism, racial domination, class, gender, and sexual regulation. How can feminist scholarship, art, and activism clarify the forms reproductive governance can take, while pushing us to imagine more radical forms of reproductive care?

– Amrita Pande, Professor Department of Sociology, University of Cape Town
– Jennifer Nash, Jean Fox O’Barr Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Duke University
– Mai’a Williams, Co-Executive Director of SPIRAL
– Siri Suh, Associate Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University
– Vanessa Ly, Founder/Executive Director, Sisters Unchained
– Moderator: Gowri Vijayakumar, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University

Register for the free virtual event here!

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