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Libby Adler

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Libby Adler has been with the Northeastern School of Law since 2000 and has long been a member of the WGSS executive committee. This fall she was jointly appointed in WGSS, making her the first faculty line to the program from a college outside of CSSH. WGSS executive committee meetings are one of Adler’s favorite parts of the program—she notes that they are a space where interactions are interdisciplinary and intelligent and where she can participate in scholarly discourse with colleagues from multiple disciplines. The annual spring symposium is another favorite aspect of being involved in WGSS.


Adler has taught the popular ‘Sexuality, Gender, and Law’ course to undergraduate students. To enhance the class, she strives to expose students to topics that they may not normally encounter in other undergraduate courses. To do so, she has hosted several guest lecturers from the School of Law who have covered topics including sex work, bioproperty, and the incarceration of transgender persons. She also assigns legal readings such as case law and audio recordings of the Supreme Court in order to introduce students to how lawyers think.


Professor Adler has written extensively about the LGBTQ rights movement, and applicable legal strategies. She brings this past experience to her teaching as well, providing students with a well-rounded approach to the intersection of WGSS issues and legal issues. She has also taught ‘Family Law’ and ‘Constitutional Law’ at the graduate level, both of which are deeply connected to Women’s and Gender Studies.


As one of the newest WGSS faculty lines, Adler ultimately hopes to bring together disciplines that often exist separately at the undergraduate level. Another goal is the development of a Graduate Certificate for law students interested in pursuing WGSS, which she is working with the WGSS program to implement in the future.

Published On: December 13, 2017