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The abortion myths Republicans are recycling to reframe a losing issue

By: Matt Hrkac

In a post-Roe landscape, Republicans are scrambling to find ways to talk about and legislate abortion. And since anti-abortion activists lost every abortion-related voter referendum last year, Republicans have turned to regurgitating common anti-abortion myths to make their case. In this article from The Guardian, Northeastern University Professor and WGSS executive committee member Katie Kraschel (School of Law, Bouvé) refutes the vocabulary commonly used, pointing out that terms such as ‘late-term abortion’ have no basis in medicine or science. Kraschel says that restrictive abortion policies are actually increasing the likelihood that people will get abortions later in pregnancy due to the difficulty of getting one. This article discusses these and other myths such as those surrounding 15-week abortion bans, Democrats’ abortion policies, and the American popular opinion.

Read the full article from The Guardian here!

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