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The WGSS Minor

Bring gender and sexuality studies to bear on important social and intellectual questions by choosing a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). Drawing on the social sciences and humanities as well as the arts, natural sciences, law, and more, a minor in WGSS is an invaluable complement to any undergraduate major at Northeastern University. Explore gender and sexuality in the global community by dipping into and across traditional disciplines. Study politics and pop culture, sociology and psychology, writing and religion as they are inscribed with gendered meanings and values. Combining WGSS with your major field of study will open up new ways of thinking and enhance your analytical skills as you apply them not only to your major and other coursework, but to the world at large. As a WGSS minor, you’ll approach your studies through frameworks that bridge traditional fields. WGSS courses will ask students to use theoretical and empirical scholarship within traditional disciplines and across cutting-edge, interdisciplinary frames

What sets WGSS apart is the freedom to take courses from across the university to complete your requirements. Students take one introductory course, providing an interdisciplinary framework for their studies. They then take three electives from a pre-approved list and two of the three must come from at least two different departments. In addition, one of these electives must be taken at the 2000 level or above. Our wide range of interdisciplinary course offerings give students the chance to explore gender and sexuality and their relation to other axes of power and identity. (Note: Students are not limited to the course list in the catalog: many times, special topics courses will have a focus on feminism, gender, or sexuality and may be reviewed for exception by the program director.)


Opportunities for Minors

Minoring in WGSS at Northeastern provides students the unique opportunity to engage with the premiere academic journal in women’s and gender studies – Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Northeastern is the editorial home of the journal and many of our affiliated faculty serve on the editorial board. Previous WGSS minor students have completed a co-op with the journal as well as at various political and human services organizations. Minors will also have the opportunity to attend speaker series, panels, symposia, and film screenings.

Who Can Minor in WGSS?

Students from any college or major may pursue a minor in WGSS, provided that they have a 2.00 GPA. To declare your minor in WGSS today, visit the Minor Declaration Page.

See the catalog listing for the WGSS minor here. Please note that this list does not include special topics courses. If you have taken a course with significant WGSS content that is not included here, the program director may review the course syllabus to make an exception to include the course as an elective for your minor. To submit a syllabus for review, contact wgss@northeastern.edu