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Why Claudia Goldin’s Nobel is a win for the study of women in economics

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Claudia Goldin has just won the Nobel prize in Economics, making history as the first woman to win the prize solo. The Harvard economist is best known for her work on women in the labor market, making this win not only a personal achievement, but a victory for the study of women in economics. She has worked on projects studying auditions for a symphony orchestra, the effects of the birth control pill on women’s career choices, and the effect of Covid on women, to name a few. Goldin is credited with legitimizing the study of women in the labor market, deepening our understanding of economics in the process. WGSS Executive Committee member Alicia Modestino (Public Policy & Urban Affairs, Economics) studied under Goldin at Harvard, and considers her a mentor, saying that her nobel prize “lifts up gender studies, lifts up female economists, and lifts up women’s lived experiences across the world.” To learn more about Goldin’s work and her impact on the field according to Modestino and other experts, read the full article from Axios!

Read the full article here!

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