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Amazon launches text message-based Amazon Clinic in 32 states, including CT, MA and ME

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Seattle-headquartered Amazon Inc. launched the text message-based Amazon Clinic in 32 states, including three in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, to treat more than 20 common conditions, including hair loss, acne and allergies.

“We developed Amazon Clinic because we believe that treating a migraine shouldn’t be a headache,” said Dr. Nworah Ayogu, chief medical officer at Amazon Pharmacy. “Health care should be as easy and convenient as any other part of your life.”

The clinic’s homepage shows a person on a garden bench, presumably texting symptoms to a provider. Amazon Clinic doesn’t provide direct service but connects people with virtual providers SteadyMD and HealthTap.

Patients select their condition from a list. They then choose a telehealth provider – price and wait times are listed. Next, they answer an intake questionnaire. The provider reviews the information and creates a treatment plan, which is texted to the patient, and includes any necessary prescriptions, sent to a pharmacy of the patient’s choosing.

Continue reading at Connecticut Public Radio.

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