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Interactive StoryMaps Intern

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    Boston Public Health Commission

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    Boston, MA

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    Job Description:

    Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHNA-CHIP) at Boston Public Health Commission paid internship opportunity.



    This position is within the Executive Office of the Boston Public Health Commission specifically with the Central Coordination Team tasked with supporting the Boston Community Health Collaborative, which brings together institutions and organizations contributing to the health and well-being of residents in Boston to build a shared understanding of the most important health needs, strengths, and priorities through a coordinated city-wide CHNA and by developing and implementing a CHIP.


    Project Description:


    CHNA-CHIP Interactive Storymaps Internship Summary


    The Boston Community Health Collaborative (BCHC) aims to develop and implement an impactful and sustainable 3-year Community Health Improvement Plan that achieves positive health changes for all residents in the city of Boston. Boston Public Health Commission is the central coordinating entity for the Boston Community Health Collaborative. Given the mission of the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is to work in partnership with communities to protect and promote the health and well-being of all Boston residents, especially those impacted by racism and systemic inequities, BPHC sets an expectation that all staff commit, individually and as part of the BPHC team, to hold ourselves accountable to establishing a culture of antiracism and advance racial equity and justice through each of our bureaus, programs, and offices.

    The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) presents a common vision for improving the health of the city of Boston, based upon a coordinated Community Health Needs Assessment process. The CHIP is a valuable tool to drive public health efforts.

    Our department seeks a dedicated intern to support the design and development of an interactive StoryMap (GIS-enabled) that showcases the Community Health Improvement Plan, key community health data points, and priority areas for the city of Boston. The storymap will orient residents of Boston to the work of the Boston Community Health Collaborative, share community health data trends in the health of Boston residents, and highlight key priority areas identified in the Community Health Improvement Plan. The project will include working with project staff to:

    1. develop an overall narrative description of the Community Health Improvement Plan (i.e., what the story will be),

    2. outreach to collaborating staff in the Center for Public Health Science, Technology, and Innovation to identify key data points relating to the health of Boston residents to visualize using Canva and

    3. work with project staff and key stakeholders from the Boston Community Health Collaborative to ensure that the storymap is clear, accessible to a public audience, and well-rounded.

    The intern will meet weekly with project staff to answer questions, work together, and ensure that the project is moving forward. This position is an excellent opportunity for a student with interest in expanding their ArcGIS and storymapping skills, and with interest in using data visualization tools for effective storytelling and communication.


    Minimum Qualifications:


    • Some experience in ArcGIS interactive StoryMaps platform and experience in or interest in learning Canva graphic design.
    • Excellent writing skills.
    • A self-starter with the ability to work independently.
    • Willingness to learn new skills & work as part of a team.
    • Interest in health equity and community health.
    • Sense of humor.
    Additional Information:
    A Criminal Offenders Records Information request must be completed for this position. However, a record is not an automatic bar to employment but is reviewed in relation to the job applied for., The Boston Public Health Commission is an EEO Employer and all applicants meeting the minimum requirements are eligible to apply
    Pay Range
    S18 per hour undergraduate student; $20 per hour graduate students
    10 hours per week (flexible with class schedule).
    This internship is a hybrid format where interns are expected to be in-person at least once per week for an in-person weekly team meeting.