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My CAP Informational Interviewer Data Gathering Specialist

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    Boston of Public Schools

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    Boston, MA

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    Participating in the project, the informational interviewer will utilize their experience with educational systems and programs for student success by playing a vital role in understanding the utilization of MyCAP (My Career and Academic Plan) among BPS (Boston of Public Schools) staff, educators, and students. Your insights will inform the enhancement and optimization of this programming to better serve the educational community.





    1. Interview Planning and Execution:


    – Participate in 1-2 hours of training with BPS MyCAP team to review the language of the MyCAP tools, BPS systems, and best practices in data gathering/interviewing in BPS schools

    -Develop a comprehensive interview plan outlining objectives, and time-based scheduling plan for conducting interviews

    – Collaborate with stakeholders to identify key interviewees among BPS staff, educators, and students.

    – Conduct structured interviews with participants to gather insights into their experiences, challenges, and successes in implementing MyCAP 

    – Utilize probing questions to delve deeper into participants’ perceptions and behaviors regarding MyCAP tool usage.

    – Ensure ethical considerations and sensitivity throughout the interview process, respecting participants’ privacy and confidentiality.


    1. Data Collection and Analysis:


    – Draft an interview guide in collaboration with the project team

    – Plan and schedule interviews

    -Systematically record interview responses and observations for analysis.

    – Focus data gathering on capturing the narrative and story of what schools and MyCAP teams are doing to make the tools useful and engaging, how are they working with students

    – Employ qualitative research methods to analyze interview data, identifying patterns, themes, and recurring issues.

    – Summarize findings in clear and concise reports, highlighting significant insights and recommendations for improvement.

    – Collaborate with the BPS MyCAP team to validate findings and interpretations, ensuring accuracy and reliability of results.


    1. Stakeholder Engagement:


    – Engage with MyCAP District Coordinator to be introduced to interview participants

    – Engage with BPS and BOA teams and relevant partners to share research findings.

    – Participate in discussions around opportunities for enhancing MyCAP tools based on user feedback and research insights





    – Bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology, Sociology, or related field (Master’s degree preferred). Experience with guidance counseling or academic coaching a plus. 

    – Proven experience in qualitative research methodologies, particularly conducting interviews and analyzing qualitative data.Knowledge of Vocabulary (building common language), scheduling, portraiture –

    – Familiarity with college and career planning programming, with a keen interest in understanding user experiences and needs.

    – Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to engage diverse stakeholders and present complex findings in a clear, accessible manner.

    – Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple tasks effectively.

    – Ethical awareness and commitment to upholding research integrity and confidentiality.

    – Flexibility to adapt research approaches based on evolving project requirements and stakeholder feedback.




    – Opportunity to contribute to the improvement of educational tools and resources that impact the lives of students and educators.


    Application Instructions:


    Please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and interest in the position. Additionally, include any samples of previous research work or publications, if available. We look forward to reviewing your application and considering you for this important role in advancing educational technology research.


    This is a short-term (end of April-end of May) opportunity for someone with the right skill set. If you are interested, please reach out to directly ( and send a resume. She needs to share names by Friday, April 19, so please respond by 4/19 @ 9am if you’re interested.