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 PA Chapter WeDiB Organizer

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    National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the leading national voice for dignity, respect, and recognition for domestic workers in the United States. NDWA was founded in 2007 by organizers and worker leaders in six cities representing nannies, house cleaners, and care workers, and now represents an alliance of more than 76 organizations across 22 states and 395,000 domestic workers nationally.


    We envision a society where domestic work is valued as essential to our collective well-being, domestic workers are leaders in shaping the care sector, and domestic work jobs are good, economically secure jobs.


    For over 15 years, we’ve worked to advance our mission by making domestic work visible. We’ve worked to pass policies that enable rights and higher wages for domestic workers across the country, changed public awareness and opinion about the dignity and value of care work, and built the capacity and leadership of domestic workers to organize and advocate for their rights.


    We see the next era of our organization as an opportunity to move domestic work from newfound visibility towards transformation, and we’re ready to elevate care workers to the essential workers of the 21st-century economy.


    We’re a multi-racial, multi-lingual organization building a powerful movement rooted in the human rights, dignity, and equality of domestic workers, care workers, immigrant women, and women of color.


    The PA Chapter is a multiracial, multilingual organization of Black and Latinx house cleaners, caregivers, and nannies currently primarily organizing Philadelphia’s 16,000 domestic workers. The PA Chapter is a member-led organization with leadership structures to ensure worker voice and decision making at every level of our work. Our primary program areas include member-led organizing to win new labor legislation to protect against retaliation and improve labor enforcement for all low wage workers in the city; enforcement of our Domestic Workers Bill of Rights victory through outreach, education, and filing claims to the Department of Labor; organizing Black workers from across the diaspora through our We Dream in Black Program; and paid worker leader program (Organize, Lead, and Amplify, or “OLA”) to develop the leadership skills and conduct extensive new worker outreach, amongst other organizing, leadership development, and skill building work.


    The PA Chapter aims to be the state and local experts on domestic worker organizing, policy, and movement building. Our members campaign for better working conditions, changes in laws, and building power to change their sector at the local, state, and national levels. We are part of local and national coalitions of domestic worker organizations and allies in labor, care, immigrant rights, and other movements. Overall the PA Chapter works to build a voice for domestic workers in Pennsylvania, while also playing a leading role in NDWA’s national work to make domestic work good work and win a more just economy and democracy that will work for us all.


    The overarching goals of our PA Chapter include:

    • Grow a robust base of domestic worker members who lead the movement for safe, dignified, and life sustaining jobs;
    • Develop the leadership and increase the skill set of members to lead legislative and organizing campaigns to address challenges faced by domestic workers;
    • Enforce our existing labor victories, including the Philadelphia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights;
    • Win new Philadelphia legislation to expand anti-retaliation protections and improve strategic labor enforcement for all low wage workers in Philadelphia;
    • Win and enforce new rights, protections, and recognition for domestic workers;
    • Build a thriving community across our multiracial, multilingual base of workers who support inside and outside our organization.




    • Outreach
      • Implement an ongoing outreach plan for recruiting new members, and work with WeDiB domestic worker leaders to conduct outreach in strategic recruitment sites
      • Conduct regular phone follow-up and coordinate group phone banking sessions, and member-run phone tree for post-outreach follow-up with new contacts and event turnout with general membership
      • Set and meet quarterly recruitment goals
      • Maintain effective data tracking systems and reporting, using protocols provided by NDWA’s tech, data, and digital teams
      • Work with the PA staff, leaders, and members to maintain effective membership and chapter structure


    • Membership
      • Conduct membership recruitment presentations, support workers who want to join as NDWA members to register
      • Co-facilitate monthly meetings and other full membership activities
      • Connect members to outside resources (such as immigration, domestic violence, etc) as needed


    • Leadership Development
      • Consistently involve workers in the organization and increase their commitment
      • Identify workers who show potential for deep engagement and leadership and hold 1-on-1 meetings to develop them as members
      • Ensure retention of members through 1-1 meetings, planning and organizing membership meetings, committees, events, and other activities; consistently involving workers in the organization, and increasing their commitment
      • Ensure that PA Chapter members are able to participate and lead within NDWA and the broader domestic worker movement, including in local and national campaigns, training programs, and worker leadership bodies


    • Building and Maintaining Affinity Spaces
      • Monthly WeDiB-only Zoom meetings or in person events, led by members, to build community and relationships between Black members
      • Support member cultural programming with the WeDiB membership


    • Campaign
      • Actively engage membership in campaign events such as turnout to actions and legislative visits; sharing their stories; speaking with press; and more
      • Lead campaign activities such as legislative visits and planning actions
      • Ensure that members understand campaign demands and that their lived experiences are reflected in the changes we seek
      • Speak publicly to workers, other organizations, and more about the campaign


    • Labor Enforcement
      • Identify labor rights violations in the field and connect the worker with the Enforcement Organizer
      • Support workers to move through fear and file complaints and/or other affirmative actions against abusive employers
      • Convert workers with identified labor rights abuses into membership
      • Work with other chapter staff to ensure members know their rights, identify gaps in knowledge, and conduct education to support workers


    • National Engagement
      • Engage members in National events such as Monday Night Live, WeDiB Institute, and more
      • Connect PA members to national training and learning opportunities such as We Make History and Dignity, Unity, Power
      • Connect PA members to additional local, state, and national goals as necessary, such as the Federal Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
      • Connect with another organizer at least quarterly in domestic worker organizing to ensure learning across our national movement




    • Fluency in spoken and written Spanish or English, depending on the membership base;
    • Highly motivated individual with a passion for engaging and building domestic worker communities
    • 1-3 years organizing experience (either paid or volunteer)
    • Strong relational skills and ability to connect, engage, and inspire community members
    • Understanding of the domestic worker sector and the issues the workforce faces;
    • Proven ability to learn quickly, work independently, meet multiple deadlines with a keen attention to detail
    • Strong and effective communicator
    • Demonstrated leadership experience
    • Hard-working and self-disciplined
    • Ability to work well with a team and motivate others to take action
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures
    • Ability to work well under pressure and manage time efficiently
    • Knowledge of issues affecting Latinx domestic workers nationally and locally
    • Intermediate computer skills: (i.e. PowerPoint, Google Suite)
    • Ability to work some nights and weekends
    • Ability to travel by car or public transportation around the Philadelphia area


    How to Apply: Please apply directly to the job posting and send resume, cover letter, and writing sample. Applications will only be accepted electronically, and solicitations to individual staff are unlikely to be responded to.


    NDWA is an equal-opportunity employer. Women, People of Color, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ people are strongly urged to apply. NDWA is a union employer and this role is in the bargaining unit and salary will be based on the collective bargaining agreement.

    Students who are applying should reach out to with any questions or to discuss their application prior to submission.