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    The Paragon Fellowship aims to connect students with opportunities in the science and tech policy space. Fellows will spend 5 hours a week researching and writing a policy brief on key issues for their state and local governments, with topics ranging from broadband infrastructure, renewable energy, to AI procurement. The fellowship is a hands-on, project-based experience, designed to introduce students to the tech policy landscape and grow their network and impact through local community engagement.






    Fellows will be matched with a cohort of 5-8 fellows from your region to work on a policy issue with a local or state government. Policy areas for our projects range from immediate issues that governments face to future issues they seek to explore – each one is carefully scoped by our organizing team with our government partners.




    After meeting their regional cohort, fellows will attend our boot camp training, where we will prepare fellows with the policy research and writing skills necessary to work on real government issues. We will also host brown bag conversations and a guest lecture series on tech policy issues throughout the program.




    Fellows will spend 5-10 hours a week researching a policy issue that their state and local government leaders are interested in. During the fellowship, each team will produce a policy brief for their local government with policy recommendations that pertain to tech implementation, strategy, and decision-making. They will meet with our government partners regularly to iterate on and shape the final product.




    Your research can make a real impact. Each team will present their research and policy brief to our government partners. Through these presentations, you will gain valuable experience communicating your findings to directly impact your local government’s science and tech policy strategies and initiatives.


    Spring applications for the Paragon Policy Fellowship are now open!


    Applications are now open on a rolling basis until February 23rd! To learn more and apply, visit our website at