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People with power must stop delaying the world’s transition away from fossil fuels, Northeastern experts say

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LONDON—We have the power to save the planet and create a more equitable society, say Northeastern experts. But in order to do that, fossil fuels must be phased out. 

“The science is clear: fossil fuel production must be phased out to address the climate crisis. It’s an urgent policy priority,” said Jennie Stephens, professor of Sustainability Science and Policy at Northeastern University. However, “most current climate commitments do not even get to fossil fuel phaseout.”

Still, “a more equitable and stable world is possible,” she said at the recent Fossil Fuel Phase Out and Climate Futures conference at Northeastern University’s London campus. “We do have more power than we think.”

The problem, Stephens said, is that wealth and power tend to go hand in hand, and this benefits the fossil fuel industry.

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