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Northeastern expects to open the Boston campus for spring semester classes. However, necessary health precautions make standard classroom instruction difficult. As a result, all SPPUA graduate courses will be offered substantially online. The major difference for students depends on whether a course is listed in the schedule for on campus or online delivery. 

  • Courses already listed for online instruction will be entirely asynchronous. This means that students can take the course wherever they are, complete weekly coursework according to their own schedules, and not be required to participate in “synchronous” or real-time activities. We have offered these types of online courses since 2009, and have considerable experience in designing and offering them.
  • Courses scheduled for on-campus delivery also will be taught substantially in an asynchronous online mode. However, these courses will have a synchronous element, such as a discussion session or small group activity, to be held on the day and time listed in the schedule. Based on Northeastern’s NUFlex model, students will have control over how they participate in the synchronous element.  

For any questions or concerns, please contact