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The College of Social Sciences and Humanities combines Northeastern University’s signature focus on experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, politics, and ethics.

Sociology and Cultural Anthropology provide the critical perspective needed for studying the social and cultural arrangements in which people live, for understanding how societies function, for investigating the conditions under which people change their institutions, and for describing the modes and conditions of cooperation that make social life possible.

Courses in the program examine such areas as urbanization, the environment, health, globalization and human rights, gender and sexuality, social movements, the cultural underpinnings of science and technology, new media, and the comparative analysis of advanced capitalist societies. Many courses are directly relevant to majors in other fields, including economics, political science, philosophy, literature, criminal justice, and business.

The major in sociology or cultural anthropology seeks to prepare students for careers in public or private service, including such fields as law, teaching, social work, administration or management, and research.