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The Snell Library location is currently closed. Walk-in appointments are available in 412 Holmes Hall.

Walk-in appointments are available at the Writing Center’s satellite location in the Snell Library.

Visiting Snell Library 136

Snell Library 136 doesn’t require making an appointment ahead of time, but please check our opening hours for Snell each semester before you arrive (scroll down to the the bottom of this page for our hours).

Find directions to Snell Library 136 here.

What to Expect

  • Appointments are shorter, typically 15 to 30 minutes long.
  • It will help if you register for an account ahead of time.
  • Look for a sign-up sheet when you come in. Tutors will use the sign-up sheet to work with visitors on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Have a seat while you wait. If you are seated at a table, please be willing to move if a tutor comes in and needs the table for a session.
  • At the beginning of your session, your tutor will greet you and take 1-2 minutes to create an appointment in our system so that we have a record of your visit.
  • If your concerns about your writing project are lengthy, your tutor may advise you to make a 45-minute appointment in Holmes Hall 412 or Online.

Special Needs Accommodations

Special needs accommodations The Writing Center seeks to accommodate writers who need special arrangements for whatever reason. If you feel you need more time in your session, please email to discuss your needs. We can extend the length of individual sessions, the amount of weekly appointments, or the platforms we use for conducting tutoring, among other things.

If our Snell location is closed…

You can attempt a walk-in at Holmes Hall 412 during opening hours. However, please understand that tutors may not be available, particularly if they have been taking back-to-back appointments in Holmes or online.