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The Writing Center is open for in-person appointments Mondays through Thursdays 10 am to 4 pm in Holmes Hall. Click here for additional online hours.


Major/Program: MA in Journalism
College: College of Arts, Media, and Design (CAMD)
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Creative Writing, Science Writing, Personal
Statements, Cover Letters, Resumes
Research and Citation: APA, MLA


Major/Program: MS in Biotechnology
Writing in specific discipline: Sciences, Literature, Personal statements, Resumes/Cover Letters, Creative Writing
Research and Citation: MLA, APA
Fun Fact: I am a nerdy traveler and a huge Harry Potter fan. My spirit animal would be Jane Austen.


Hello, my name is Katie and I am a fourth year Psychology major with minors in English and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have experience conducting research in the field of Psychology from working in the Social Emotions Lab on campus and tend to fall more toward the social science aspect of Psychology. I believe the three topics I have chosen to study are extremely interdisciplinary and can be implemented in many fields. Truth be told I used to really dislike writing until I took my First-Year Writing course at Northeastern. That was when I began to view writing as less of a chore and more of an outlet to express thoughts, feelings, and research findings in an organized and elaborative medium. I have a particular love for creative writing and storytelling, but truly believe writing in any discipline is all about telling a story. I look forward to working with you all this semester, despite all the craziness in the world. Thank you!


My name is Flo and my pronouns are they/them. I am a 3rd-year Physical Therapy Doctorate student with a minor in Psychology. I have experience working in the Movement Neuroscience Lab and this is my 4th semester in the Writing Center. I’ve had such a fulfilling experience working with and learning from tutees!

I’m versed in Medical writing and research, academic writing, resume/cover letters, and MLA and APA formatting. Outside of school, you can find me within socialist political organizing or hiking with my friends!

Siti is a fifth-year student majoring in Media and Screen Studies and Journalism, with a minor in International Affairs. She has academic and professional experience in United States, United Kingdom, and Western Europe. She is also multilingual where she is fluent in English, native in Indonesian, and conversant in Italian. Her writing disciplines are social sciences, personal statements, resumes, and cover letters.


Dola is a graduate student in the Master of Arts program in English at Northeastern University. Her research interests include narrative, storytelling, and postcolonialism. She received her undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and English from the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Massachusetts Boston, respectively. When she’s not reading and writing for classes, she’s reading and writing for pleasure. She loves all genres of literature, but historical and realist fiction novels are her favorites. She’s currently attempting to write her first novel. Her hobbies include streaming movies and shows, crushing the heteronormative patriarchy, and taking road trips.


Name: Nikita
Year: 2nd Year
Major: BS Economics
Minors: Spanish and CS
Fun Facts: I love to play the guitar, kayak, spend time with my dog, and watch movies/tv shows. I am interested in doing the PlusOne program in Econ.

Jessica H.

Jessica is a fourth year business student majoring in business administration with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship. She has been actively involved in Northeastern, having studied abroad in Greece, Australia, and South Korea so far. When she is on campus, she is involved in her business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, the Presidential Ambassador Program, the Huntington Angels Network, and the recently developed NUPD Advisory Board. She has co-oped in two places, TJX Inc and New England Venture Capital Association, working both in the marketing and venture capital fields. She is also currently working on her own company, Mode, which aims to develop an e-commerce customized fashion experience. In her free time, she enjoys trying new food places and picking up random hobbies.


Kristen is a first-year Masters student in English. She loves poetry of any kind, but if you ask about Emily Dickinson, she will talk your ear off. She has recently moved to Boston after graduating from Muhlenberg College, where she double majored in English and Theatre. In her free time, Kristen likes to write poetry, listen to Hozier & Florence and the Machine, and play with her very silly cat Aristotle. Feel free to ask for pictures of him- he loves the attention!


Jaya is a second year engineering student from Nashua, NH pursing a B.S. in Bioengineering. She has experience with resumes/cover letters, academic research papers, creative writing, and personal statements. In her free time, she enjoys painting, traveling, and playing piano. 


Audrey is a 5th-year Journalism and Media and Screen Studies Major with a minor in Film Production. She loves watching movies, reading, bike rides, and her dog. She is involved with NUTV and is the editor-in-chief at Artistry Magazine.


Joseph is an English Graduate Student at Northeastern University. His interests revolve around Satire and Feminist Theory. He received his bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and English from Emmanuel College. Joseph has been tutoring for several years, and is well versed with analytical, persuasive, narrative, and many other types of essays. He also has experience with crafting resumés, statements of purpose, and personal statements for graduate schools. Outside of school, Joseph loves a cappella, movies, going out to eat in Boston, and hanging out with friends.


Major/Program: Fourth Year – BA in English
Minors: Writing/Political Science
Writing in specific disciplines: Humanities, Literature, Creative Writing, Resumes/Cover Letters, Advanced Writing for Pre-Law, Political Science
Research and Citation: MLA
From: Boston, MA
Fun Fact: I love baking, being outdoors, and watching psychological thrillers.


Bisi is currently a second-year student in the Masters of Public Health program and holds a BA in Health Science also from Northeastern. She has experience with resumes/cover letters, creative writing, and academic essay writing.


Major/Program: Combined BS in Psychology and Linguistics, Minor in Computer Science
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Science Writing, Creative Writing, Personal Statements/Cover Letters
Research and Citation: MLA, APA
Fun Fact: I hope to one day visit every national park in the US. The picture in my bio was taken at Zion National Park in Utah!


Urmi is a first year Masters student in the English Department at Northeastern University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Markets, and has completed 9 papers of Actuarial Science. She moved to Boston from India in September 2020, YES, in the middle of a pandemic, which was an interesting experience. She is a multilingual reader and writer. She loves reading, hiking, soccer, pizza, and cheesecake.


Major/Program: BA Theatre, Minors in English, Writing, and Songwriting
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Creative Writing, Literature, Analytic Writing
Research and Citation: MLA, Chicago
Fun Fact: I used to work at an aquarium and know a lot about sustainable seafood choices.


Manjot is a 4th year Biology major with a minor in Sociology and she uses she/her/hers pronouns. She has helped with a variety of writing assignments including personal narratives, resumes/cover letters, dissertations, graduate school applications, and more. Currently, she is a research assistant at the Center for Brain Science at Harvard and involved with the American Medical Women’s Association on campus. This is her second time working at the Writing Center and she looks forward to virtually meeting new clients.


Major/Program: Biology and English Major with Minors in Writing and History
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Literature, History, Analytical Writing, Close Readings, and Scientific Report and Articles
Research and Citation: MLA & APA
Language: English and Korean
Hobbies: I often spend my free time either sketching or playing sports (Basketball and Boxing)!


Brianna is a first-year student in the Masters of English Program at Northeastern University. Her research interests include the teaching of writing, culturally sustaining pedagogies, and the educational pipeline. Her own tutoring philosophy is informed by theories and methods such as trauma-informed teaching pedagogies, LatCrit Theory, translanguaging, and counter-storytelling. Brianna has worked as a writing consultant for several years at California Lutheran University and is excited to continue tutoring at Northeastern University. She particularly enjoys helping students with thesis statements, analysis, personal statements, research papers, and creative writing. In her free time, Brianna enjoys going on long walks, hanging out with friends and family, reading, and watching music videos on YouTube!


Major: English
Minors: Writing Studies and Africana Studies
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Humanities, Literature, Analytic Writing/Close Readings, Creative Writing
Research and Citation: MLA