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Hannah Levinson

Major/Program: Combined BA in Theatre and English, Minor in Writing
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Literature, Scriptwriting/Screenwriting, Analytic Writing/Close Readings
Research and Citation: MLA
Fun Fact: I love baking, spending outdoors, and reading queer and feminist literature.


Major/Program: MA in Journalism
College: College of Arts, Media, and Design (CAMD)
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Creative Writing, Science Writing, Personal
Statements, Cover Letters, Resumes
Research and Citation: APA, MLA

Nina Mouawad

Nina Mouawad is a first year PhD student in English Language and Literature. She has an undergraduate degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, and a Master’s degree in English Literature where she focused on feminist disability studies in her dissertation. She is also multilingual where she is fluent in English, native in Arabic, and conversant in French.

Shreya Sangai

Shreya is a second-year Masters student with the Department of English at Northeastern University with a minor in Gender Studies. Her first masters was in English; there, her minors were in psychology, sociology, development studies, and oral histories. Shreya spent most of her student life in India, as a result of that, multilingual writing and reading comes organically to her. She loves to work with long and short research writings. Thanks to quarantine, Shreya has actively started drawing and coloring again. She strongly believes that drawing helps her calm down and focus better.

Patrick McCabe

Paddy is a second year Master’s student in English with a disciplinary focus in comics and visual culture
Major/Program: M.A. in English
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Humanities, Visual Culture, Literature, Comics Studies, Creative Writing, Personal Statements.
Research and Citation: MLA, APA
Fun Fact: I really like music, and have been listening to a lot of Tom Waits!

Reina Matsuura

Major: BA in English and Gender, Women’s, & Sexuality Studies
Current position: Research Assistant at Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University
Disciplines: literature, social sciences, creative writing, fellowship applications, conference papers, translation
Languages other than English: Japanese
Random things I love: KenKens, queer theory, thousand-piece puzzles, black coffee, birds, worms, billiards, and dancing with my friends!

Jessica Huang

Jessica is a fourth year business student majoring in business administration with concentrations in marketing and entrepreneurship. She has been actively involved in Northeastern, having studied abroad in Greece, Australia, and South Korea so far. When she is on campus, she is involved in her business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, the Presidential Ambassador Program, the Huntington Angels Network, and the recently developed NUPD Advisory Board. She has co-oped in two places, TJX Inc and New England Venture Capital Association, working both in the marketing and venture capital fields. She is also currently working on her own company, Mode, which aims to develop an e-commerce customized fashion experience. In her free time, she enjoys trying new food places and picking up random hobbies.

Zachary Ulrich

Zach is an MA student in English with research interests in archives, mapping, and digital space. He has experience writing in academic settings and professional stylistic settings such as newsletters and editorials. For fun, he enjoys reading science fiction, watching Formula 1, and playing video games.

Prajakta S. Dogmane

Major/Program: MS in Biotechnology
Writing in specific discipline: Sciences, Literature, Personal statements, Resumes/Cover Letters, Creative Writing
Research and Citation: MLA, APA
Fun Fact: I am a nerdy traveler and a huge Harry Potter fan. My spirit animal would be Jane Austen.

Katherine Ryan

Hello, my name is Katie and I am a fourth year Psychology major with minors in English and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have experience conducting research in the field of Psychology from working in the Social Emotions Lab on campus and tend to fall more toward the social science aspect of Psychology. I believe the three topics I have chosen to study are extremely interdisciplinary and can be implemented in many fields. Truth be told I used to really dislike writing until I took my First-Year Writing course at Northeastern. That was when I began to view writing as less of a chore and more of an outlet to express thoughts, feelings, and research findings in an organized and elaborative medium. I have a particular love for creative writing and storytelling, but truly believe writing in any discipline is all about telling a story. I look forward to working with you all this semester, despite all the craziness in the world. Thank you!

Arlen Agiliga

Major/Program: BSBA with a Concentration in Finance and a Minor in Data Science
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Personal Statements/Cover Letters, Resumes/CVs, Business, Social Sciences
Research and Citation: MLA
Fun Fact: I love cartoons!

Audery Wang

Audrey is a 5th-year Journalism and Media and Screen Studies Major with a minor in Film Production. She loves watching movies, reading, bike rides, and her dog. She is involved with NUTV and is the editor-in-chief at Artistry Magazine.

Emma Coreno

Emma is a third-year law student here at Northeastern. She is also a proud Double Husky. Prior to starting law school, Emma received her B.S. in Criminal Justice at Northeastern University. She has a background in rhetorical, analytical, legal, and research-based writing. She is an international student. English is not her first language so she would love to work with multilingual students.

Katelyn Juerjens

Katelyn Juerjens (she/her) is a Ph.D. student in the English Department at Northeastern and a tutor in the Writing Center. She recently moved to Boston from Chicago and so far she really loves it, although she misses the hot dogs more than she thought she would. In her free time, she loves to read, cook, hike, and watch the kinds of movies that her friends call “excruciating” and “what even is this?”. Speaking of which, she can’t wait to have movie theater popcorn back in her life.

Quisqueya Witbeck

Quisqueya has a background in Global Studies and International Relations and has several years of experience as a writing tutor. She has worked with clients on a broad range of assignments and personal pieces including resumes, cover letters and various types of applications. She welcomes the opportunity to work with and learn from clients in all academic disciplines.

Naa Momoh Odarteifio

Major/Program: BS in Chemical Engineering
Writing in Specific Disciplines: Literature, Creative Writing, Analytical writing, Personal Statements/Cover Letters
Research and Citation: MLA
Language other than English: French
Fun Facts: I like watching soccer and playing FPL, I’m a really good dancer (in my head), I hate both peanut butter and Nutella.

Ramin Raza

My name is Ramin Raza, I am a fifth year Biology and English major with a minor in Gender Studies, and I use she/they pronouns. This is my second year tutoring at the Writing Center, and I love it here! I find a lot of meaningful work in helping students of all backgrounds improve their writing and learning how I can better serve my tutees. Outside of the Writing Center, I do spoken word and can often be found biking or playing soccer with friends. After graduation, I am looking to work in business and/or communications before going back to school to become a teacher!

Joseph Wheatley

Joseph is an English Graduate Student at Northeastern University. His interests revolve around Satire and Feminist Theory. He received his bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and English from Emmanuel College. Joseph has been tutoring for several years, and is well versed with analytical, persuasive, narrative, and many other types of essays. He also has experience with crafting resumés, statements of purpose, and personal statements for graduate schools. Outside of school, Joseph loves a cappella, movies, going out to eat in Boston, and hanging out with friends.

Daliyah Middleton

From: Boston, MA
Major/Program: BA in English
Minors: Writing/Political Science
Writing in specific disciplines: Humanities, Literature, Creative Writing, Resumes/Cover Letters, Sociology, Political Science
Research and Citation: MLA
Fun Fact: I have a fraternal twin brother; whose interests lie in STEM and coding (or anything but English).

Nwabisi Chikwendu

Bisi is currently a second-year student in the Masters of Public Health program and holds a BA in Health Science also from Northeastern. She has experience with resumes/cover letters, creative writing, and academic essay writing.