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BPDA’s board signs off on 900 Morrissey proposal to convert Comfort Inn

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The Boston Planning and Development Agency’s board on Thursday unanimously signed off on a proposal to convert the Comfort Inn at 900 Morrissey Blvd. into permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless people.

The controversial project would overhaul the 131-room hotel into 99 units, down from the original proposal calling for 110 units. On-site support staff and round-the-clock security will be on hand.

At multiple meetings hosted by the BPDA and at other gatherings held by local civic associations, residents objected to the proposal, saying they did not want formerly homeless people living in the neighborhood. But other neighbors supported the project, citing the region’s lack of housing supply amid high demand.

After the BPDA’s public comment period ended on Thursday night, Ted Landsmark, one of the development agency’s board members, said he was “very moved” by the comments from supporters.

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