Wednesdays: September 11 – December 4, 2019 (No meeting on Nov. 27)

6 to 8 p.m.
West Village F, Room 20

Free and Open to the Public

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This fall’s Myra Kraft Open Classroom will explore the nuanced relationship between media and the presidential primaries. The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, in partnership with the schools of journalism and law, will present a series of weekly panels comprised of politicians, reporters, and Northeaster faculty experts, who will address crucial issues such as immigration, identity politics, technology, economic inequality, relations with China, and the use of political satire. These weekly events are open to all members of our campus and the community. For those that cannot join us in person, each week’s panel will be live-streamed via Facebook Live. Northeastern students can receive credit for the course, which includes a seminar class before each session along with a campaign field trip to New Hampshire to see the campaign first hand (Undergraduate: PPUA 4225 and PPUA 4226/GraduatePPUA 7725 and 7726).




  • September 11: Presidential Campaigns, Then and Now
    Featuring former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis on what it was like to run in 1988
    Also featuring Prof. Bill Mayer, Dept. of  Political Science, on Campaigns and Elections, the Frontloading Problem, and “The Permanent Campaign” and Prof.  Dan Lothian, former CNN White House Correspondent, and Professor, School of Journalism, who covered Obama and the 2012 campaign
  • September 18: The Art of the Celebrity President
    Feat. Bobette Buster, Visiting Professor of Journalism,  documentary filmmaker; Aaron Short, author of a new book on Trump, The Method to the Madness; and Prof. Costas Panagopoulos, Department of Political Science
  • September 25: All Politics is Local: Massachusetts as the Center of the Political Universe (Again)
  • October 2: The Courts: Trump’s Victory?
    Feat. Jennifer Braceras, conservative political columnist and a former Commissioner of the United States Commission on Civil Rights under George W. Bush. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Washington Times, and The Weekly Standard.
    Also feat. Prof. Jeremy Paul, School of Law
  • October 9: Race, Gender, Religion, Region  Who Are We As A Nation?
    Feat. Ben Bradlee Jr, Pulitzer Prize Winner, author of The Forgotten, on Trump voters and the 2016 election; Prof. Margaret Burnham, School of Law; and Prof. Meg Heckman, School of Journalism, on gender in the campaign and in media coverage
  • October 16: The Media: Are They Doing a Better Job?
    Feat. Kimberly Atkins, Washington Correspondent, NPR/WBUR; Lylah  Alphonse, Managing Editor, U.S. News and World Report; and Nate Freedman, former producer, Fox News
  • October 23: Climate Change: Millennials/Generation Z & Politics
    Feat. Gina McCarthy, head of the Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama, Prof.  Jennie Stephens, Director of the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs and Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy; and David Arnold, Environmental Photojournalist
  • October 30: Guns, Crime & Criminal Justice Reform
    Feat. Prof. James Fox, Criminology, Law, and Public Policy
  • November 6: Foreign Policy Flashpoints
  • November 13: Technology & Privacy: Big Brother in Our Phones?
    Feat. Prof. Woody Hartzog, School of Law and Khoury College of Computer Sciences; and Prof. Claudia Haupt, School of Law
  • November 20: Is It Still the Economy, Stupid?
    Feat. David Shribman, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, former reporter for The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe, and former editor of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; and Prof Alicia Modestino. School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and the Department of Economics
  • December 4: Pundit Prognosticators—Place Your Bets!


The Fall 2019 Myra Kraft Open Classroom is sponsored by Northeastern University’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, School of Journalism, and School of Law. Professors Ted Landsmark, Jonathan Kaufman, and Dan Urman will preside.

About Myra Kraft Open Classroom

A longstanding tradition in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, the Myra Kraft Open Classroom is a semester-long seminar series for the Northeastern community and the general public, and is hosted by the School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs. The series seeks to invite diverse audiences to converge around a central theme and generate conversation about current topics relevant to our local and national communities.


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