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With appointment to Scientific Council, Timothy Hoff makes global connections to local contexts

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Timothy Hoff wants to know how to prevent physician burnout — but it all comes down to context. 

“My research has uncovered [some] factors that lead to burnout,” he says, “things like the corporatization of medicine in the U.S.,” which Hoff says that physicians chafe under.

But European physicians face burnout, too. “In the Europe case, there’s not going to be as much corporatization because they’re government run, or they’re government financed.”

The ability to interact with global scholars, then, provides valuable opportunities to further research in health care and management.

Hoff, a professor of management, health care systems and public policy at Northeastern University, was recently named to the Scientific Council of the European Academy of Management (EURAM), one of the first professors of an American university to receive that distinction.

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