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Affiliated Faculty

Aziza Ahmed headshot
Aziza Ahmed
Associate Professor of Law
Headshot of Nicole Aljoe
Nicole Aljoe
Director of African and African American Studies Program; Associate Professor of English
Headshot of Amilcar Barreto
Amilcar Antonio Barreto
Professor of Cultures, Societies, and Global Studies
Carole Bell
Carole Bell
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Nathan Blake
Nathan Blake
Assistant Academic Specialist in Media and Screen Studies
Linda Blum
Linda Blum
Professor of Sociology
Ekaterina Botchkovar
Ekaterina Botchkovar
Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Headshot of Elizabeth Bucar
Elizabeth Bucar
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Headshot of Robin Chandler
Robin Chandler
Professor Emeritus of Cultures, Societies and Global Studies
Headshot of Hillary Chute
Hillary Chute
Distinguished Professor of English and Art + Design
Martha Davis
Professor of Law
Headshot of Theo Davis
Theo Davis
Professor of English
Headshot of Candice Delmas
Candice Delmas
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Political Science
Headshot of Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
Chair and Professor of English; Co-Director, NULab for Text, Maps, and Networks
Headshot of Silvia Dominguez
Silvia Dominguez
Associate Professor of Sociology and Human Services
Headshot of Amy Farrell
Amy Farrell
Associate Director and Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Headshot of Julia Flanders
Julia Flanders
Professor of Practice in English
Headshot of Laura Frader
Laura Frader
Professor of History
Headshot of Kelly Garneau
Kelly Garneau
Associate Teaching Professor in English
guthrie headshot
Barbara Guthrie
Professor and Ph.D. Program Director, School of Nursing
Headshot of Inez Hedges
Inez Hedges
Professor Emeritus
Headshot of Carie Hersh
Carie Hersh
Associate Teaching Professor in Sociology and Anthropology
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Headshot of Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones
Associate Director, International Affairs Program; Associate Teaching Professor of International Affairs and Middle East Studies
M. Whitney Kelting
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Headshot of Nancy Kindelan
Nancy Kindelan
Associate Professor of Theatre
Headshot of Lori Lefkowitz
Lori Lefkovitz
Ruderman Professor and Director of Jewish Studies Program; Professor of English; Director, Humanities Center
Headshot of Marina Leslie
Marina Leslie
Associate Professor of English
Headshot of Alisa Lincoln
Alisa Lincoln
Associate Dean of Research, CSSH; Director, Institute of Urban Health Research and Practice; Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology
Headshot of Heather Littlefield
Heather Littlefield
Associate Academic Specialist in Lingustics, Assistant Director and Head Advisor of Linguistics
Headshot of Eileen McDonagh
Eileen McDonagh
Professor of Political Science
Headshot of Sara Minard
Sara Minard
Executive Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Headshot of Valentine Moghadam
Valentine M. Moghadam
Professor, Sociology and International Affairs; Director, Middle East Studies Program
Headshot of Patrick Mullen
Patrick Mullen
Associate Professor of English
Headshot of Laura Nelson
Laura K. Nelson
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Headshot of Serena Parekh
Serena Parekh
Director of Politics, Philosophy and Economics Program; Associate Professor of Philosophy
Headshot of Susan Parish
Susan Parish
Dean and Professor of Health Sciences
Headshot of Gordana Rabrenovich
Gordana Rabrenovic
Associate Professor of Sociology and Education; Director of the Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict
Headshot of Rachel Rodgers
Rachel Rodgers
Associate Professor of Applied Psychology
Headshot of Rachel Rosenbloom
Rachel Rosenbloom
Associate Professor of Law
Headshot of Jason Schwartz
Joseph Schwartz
Assistant Academic Specialist
Jessica Silbey
Professor of Law
Karen Spikes
Headshot of Jennie Stephens
Jennie C. Stephens
Director, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs; Dean's Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy
Kara Swanson
Associate Professor of Law
Headshot of Nina Sylvanus
Nina Sylvanus
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Headshot of Judith Tick
Judith Tick
Professor Emeritus
Headshot of Berna Turam
Berna Turam
Director of International Affairs Program; Professor of Sociology and International Affairs
Headshot of Bonnie TuSmith
Bonnie TuSmith
Professor Emeritus
Headshot of Brooke Foucault-Welles
Brooke Foucault Welles
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Headshot of Margaret Woo
Margaret Woo
Professor of Law
Headshot of Sara Wylie
Sara Wylie
Assistant Professor Sociology and Health Science
Headshot of Kathrin Zippel
Kathrin Zippel
Professor of Sociology