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NU students finish in the top three at Fiscal Challenge

Congratulations poster in yellow and blue for NU Fiscal Challenge team for making it to the finals. The Northeastern students are: Alex Shilov, Meggie Jensen, Ivan Blinov, Vedant Mundhra , Olivia Parsons, Eddie Lowney, Ethan McGeever, George Burkov, Dan Pollianikov, and Bobby Squires

We are pleased to announce that the Northeastern University Fiscal Challenge team finished third nationally in the finals. The Northeastern team presented their research in Washington, DC on Friday, April 12th. Congratulations to:

  • Alex Shilov
  • Meggie Jensen
  • Ivan Blinov
  • Vedant Mundhra 
  • Olivia Parsons
  • Eddie Lowney
  • Ethan McGeever
  • George Burkov
  • Dan Pollianikov
  • Bobby Squires

In 2023, the NU Fiscal Challenge Team competed in the final round of the 2023 Fiscal Challenge and finished in 3rd place.

In 2022, the Northeastern University Fiscal Challenge team was selected for the final round and presented their research in Washington, DC where they won the competition.

Each year, the Fiscal Challenge competition, with support from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, tasks colleges around the country with creating a 20 minute presentation showcasing various fiscal policies to reach a target US Debt-to-GDP ratio over a 30 year period. From Social Security tax policy to Immigration reform, the team creates a comprehensive overview of the fiscal state of the US and how their policies would help maintain fiscal health over the long term. The competition, then selects six finalist teams to travel to Washington, DC, to present and defend their policies to professors and leading economists.

You can join:

If you are a Northeastern undergraduate and you would like to participate, join the mailing list at Fiscal Challenge Team – Northeastern University Economics Society or  reach out to Bobby Squires at

Graphic depicting a map of the United States and saying Congratulations to the First Round Participants of the Fiscal Challenge Team

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