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To best serve the needs of our undergraduate students it is a dual pronged system. Integral to the system are the faculty advisors within the department and the professional advisors in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Office of Student Academic Affairs.

Students are strongly urged to regularly see their faculty advisor concerning their selection of courses, academic progress, post-graduation plans, or for any other questions or concerns they may have. For advising by Department of Economics faculty, students are divided among faculty advisors by year.

If you have a question about who your faculty advisor is, please call the Department of Economics main office (301 LA, 617-373-2882) or email Katie Thorp (  You are strongly urged to regularly see your faculty advisor concerning your selection of courses, academic progress, post-graduation plans, or for any other questions or concerns you have.

Before talking with an advisor, it is recommended that you conduct an audit of your degree program to see where you stand in regard to course requirements. Through the myNeuweb portal, access the Degree Audit and Reporting system to view and get a copy of your audit. Note that you can obtain a degree audit for either the B.S. or B.A. to see how you would stand with respect to either degree. You can also evaluate through this audit system progress toward completing a minor in Economics, any of our combined majors or any other program.  Students see their Dean’s Office (CSSH) advisor for questions about the core curriculum, university requirements, and for other academic and non-academic matters such as changing major, declaring a minor outside of economics, taking courses outside of Northeastern, and requesting a leave of absence.

*After the initial intake advising, transfer students are advised in the same fashion as all other majors, by class year.

Major changes or minor/concentration additions involving CSSH programs should be completed as follows –

If you have curricular questions about the Economics minor, please contact your Economics advisor. Link to current Northeastern University Undergraduate Catalog

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program offers a wide range of tutoring services to meet the academic needs of the undergraduate students in many of the introductory level courses, as well as some of the upper-level courses in the NU Core. Economic students can receive help in introductory through advanced economic coursework. Students in need of academic assistance are encouraged to contact the Peer Tutoring Program Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM.  Peer Tutoring services are  open to all NU undergraduate students.  Students are able to book tutoring appointments for a variety of subjects via MyNEU under TUTORING.