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NameFieldsJob Market PaperReferences
Roy Gernhardt LaborEmail | Website | CVEconometric Applications to Social Justice: 3 EssaysCommitte: Associate Professor Mindy Marks (Chair), Associate Professor Silvia Prina (Chair), Associate Professor Alicia Modestino
David Hummel Industrial Organization Email | Website | CV Dynamic Limit Pricing with Entrant Cost Advantage: A Model with Application to Low Cost AirlinesJ
Professor John Kwoka (Chair), Associate Professor Bilge Erten, Associate Professor Imke Reimers
Yanli Liu
Primary field: Industrial Organization; Secondary field: Labor economics
Email | WebsiteCV The Reputation System of Digital Platforms and their Impact on Consumer Purchase Behavior and Welfare: Evidence from AirbnbAssociate Professor Imke Reimers (Chair), Professor James Dana,  Associate Professor Mindy Marks
Yushuo Pan Industrial Organization (IO) with a focus on antitrust, competition policy, and firm behaviorEmail | Website | CVDistinguishing between Collusion and Competition Using BLP’s Random Coefficients Logit ModelCommittee: Professor James Dana (Chair), Associate Professor Imke Reimers, Professor John Kwoka
Tomer SternLaborEmail | Website | CVTeacher Testing Standards and the New Teacher PipelineCommitte: Associate Professor Mindy Marks (Chair), Associate Professor Alicia Modestino, Associate Professor Bilge Erten

James Dana, Professor of Economics and Strategy (Email | Website | Phone: 617.373.2886)