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2024-2025 Global Spotlight Project

On October 23 and 24, 2024, Professor Denise Garcia will hold a workshop to convene practitioners and scholars in the field to gather data for a broad-audience trade book explaining AI’s governing forces to the public and a special issue collection of articles in a high-ranked academic journal by researchers from the Institute for Experiential Robotics (IER) in collaboration with networks or practitioners and researchers. This project will be presented at the United Nations Summit for the Future. Part of the reform discussions include AI governance.

This project will investigate the transnational alliances, coalitions, and informal groups working to establish ethical and principled governance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) globally. The aim is to contribute to the global regulation of AI, a global public good of the highest priority. This project explores how the widespread use of AI will serve all humanity and harness beneficial applications to lessen the risks posed by the other forces affecting the global order.