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Northeastern researchers receive Shannon CSI Award for second consecutive year

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security’s Office of Grants and Research (OGR) has selected Northeastern University for the second consecutive year to serve as the statewide research partner for the Senator Charles Shannon Jr., Community Safety Initiative (Shannon CSI) Grant Program. The Shannon CSI uses a multi-sector approach to address community gang and youth violence, applying coordinated prevention and intervention, law enforcement, prosecution, and reintegration programs. The project team for the grant includes Professors Megan Denver and Anthony Braga as well as Renée Contreras, Desiree Dusseault, Eileen Kirk and Ben Struhl managing grant activities.

As the statewide research partner, the project team will provide technical assistance and guidance to Shannon CSI sites that deliver services to at-risk youth and will bolster efforts of local area research partners to transform the work of Shannon CSI sites into research.

In the past year, the team’s work on the Shannon program aligned with the researchers’ and the University’s mission to support disadvantaged communities by applying research to encourage innovation of new policy solutions. Through this collaboration on the Shannon CSI Grant Program, the project team will apply scientifically rigorous and policy-oriented research to strengthen the evaluation competences of Shannon CSI sites and local area research partners that tackle gang and youth violence and transform communities.

Congratulations to our research team!

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