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What is the language requirement for students pursuing a B.A. at Northeastern?

At the present time, students pursuing a B.A. at Northeastern are required to take three language courses. The first two courses are language courses (1101 & 1102); the third course can either be a language course (2101) or a linked literature, culture or cinema course. Students must complete the language and the linked courses with grades of `C’ or better in each. Courses in a language being used to satisfy the language requirement may not be taken pass/fail.


Students placing at any level above the elementary 1 level should contact the Department straight away at to seek assistance with their registration. They will be asked to provide their name, NU ID#, as well as the title and CRN of the course which the placement exam indicates. It is strongly recommend that students first check their schedule to ensure that the requested language class fits in.

What course should a student register for if the student has studied a language in high school?

Students with prior experience learning or using a foreign language must take a placement exam prior to registering for a class in that language. Results of the exam will indicate the appropriate course level in which the student should be placed.

For French and Spanish, please click here to start the exam.

For American Sign Language, please contact the ASL Department: 617-373-3064 /

For any other language, please contact the World Languages Center: 617-373-3131 /