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Japanese Language & Culture

May 16, 2024 – June 19, 2024

Group Leader:
Prof. Kumiko Tsuji

This Dialogue program in Japan is an immersion course in language and culture. It will be held in two key cities, Kyoto and Tokyo, including visit to Nara, Himeji, Hiroshima, and Miyajima. Our first destination is Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, where there are many historical and well preserved temples and shrines. Students can learn about development of Japanese wooden architecture and the art of Japanese gardens. Cultural seminars such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and calligraphy will be offered at Doshisha University. During the stay in Kyoto, we will visit Nara, another ancient capital, and Himeji, the city famous for the Himeji Castle, the UNESCO World Heritage site. Students will also learn about the major concept of Buddhism and Shinto, two major religions that have been harmoniously coexisting in Japan. They will have an opportunity to directly observe how these two religions are practiced and integrated into people’s daily life. We will also stay in Hiroshima and visit the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum. Students will have an opportunity to think about the importance of peace in our society. We will also visit Miyajima, a small island that is famous for the beautiful shrine gate in the ocean. Tokyo is the modern capital of Japan. Students will have a chance to see two faces of Tokyo: traditional and contemporary. Both in Kyoto and Tokyo, students will take intensive language courses. Also, they will attend the lectures on the related subjects. Students will have an opportunity to interact and practice Japanese with local college students on daily basis by participating in conversation sessions. It will give students a chance to practice Japanese and learn the life, ideas, and interests of Japanese college students.

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