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We encourage every student in our department and programs to experience living abroad during their academic career. We offer study abroad programs all over the world.

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    Dialogue of Civilizations The award-winning Dialogue of Civilizations program takes Northeastern students of all majors around the world to experience different cultures first hand through meetings and discussions. The faculty-led Dialogue of Civilizations is an intensive series of two-to five-week summer for-credit programs in more than 10 different countries. Participants meet with government leaders, local groups, and students for one-on-one discovery. Participants may: learn a new language by immersion; take part in a service-learning project; conduct research; and/or study a specific area of interest.

    Dialogue of Civilizations

    Hua Dong, Interim Director of Asian Studies and Senior Academic Specialist, with her students in China, Dialogue of Civilizations, summer of 2018

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    Service Learning Through courses that utilize service-learning, this form of experiential education serves as an educational tool that supports Northeastern’s academic and civic mission. During this process, students work in partnerships with our community representatives to positively contribute to our local and global communities by addressing community interests and needs through the creation and translation of course- or program-specific skills and knowledge. And beyond the outcomes of a given semester, each member of a service-learning partnership not only receives certain immediate benefits, but more importantly, each is open to the new possibilities for how they and their partners are able to continue contributing positively to our communities throughout one’s lifetime.

    Service Learning

    Service Learning partners - Boston 2020