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NU students presented at USSEE

Northeastern University students Emilie Laychock, Jhonatan Serrano, Lily Cunningham, Natasha Keidl, Arthur Langlois, Ashley Cornwell and Rylan Gonzalez presented at the United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE) on Thursday, June 23.

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Reconciling Transportation and Residential Location A Sustainability Evaluation

Emilie Laychock, Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Northeastern University

Economics In Practice: Sustainable Chocolate

Jhonatan Serrano, Department of Economics, Northeastern University

The opportunity of economics: Reconciling the relationship between progress and sustainability

Lily Cunningham, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, Northeastern University
Natasha Keidl, Economics, Northeastern University

Make our voices heard: Examining the Roots of Consistent Following of Public opinion on Climate Policy by American Lawmakers.

Arthur Langlois, Northeastern University

Assessment of Ethics in Economics

Ashley Cornwell, Department of Economics, Northeastern University
Rylan Gonzalez, Department of Business Administration, Northeastern University

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