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EconPress: a publication by undergraduates

Congratulations to the Northeastern University undergraduate team of Owen Graham-O’Regan, Vanessa Baquerizo, Madeleine King. Anna Daraselia. Michael Enriquez, Jane Gullason, Lilly Hover, Umutemre Kaplan, PengSyuan Lin, Emre Muftu, Tamara Schexnider, Shivam Singhal, and Shreya Trivedi for publishing the Spring 2023 issue of the EconPress journal.

The journal provides a forum for the undergraduate economics community to engage in active discussion and debate about the topics, theories, and applications they have learned inside and outside the classroom.

The Spring 2023 issue is available online here at .

Printed issues are also available in the front office of the Economics Department in 301 Lake.

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