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My name is Sebastian Rix, an incoming sophomore from Seattle WA. My interest in International Affairs has stemmed from my love to travel, something I’ve been lucky enough to do since I was little. My hope is to one day use the skills I learn to make a difference in the word, whether that be environmentally, in business/trade or politics though I don’t know yet. Any interests mainly consist of photography, running, history, reading, traveling, and horology.

A copy of Sebastian’s world explainer paper can be found here.

My name is Annabelle Lien and I’m a rising second year at Northeastern University. I am currently majoring in International Affairs and International Business with a minor in French. I’m from Arizona but grew up abroad in Switzerland, Shanghai, and most recently, Singapore. My aspirations are to work as a diplomat or for a major NGO such as the UN to continue supporting underprivileged communities worldwide.

A copy of Annabelle’s world explainer paper can be found here.