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Bruchim haBa’im l’Ivrit b’Northeastern

Modern Hebrew, uniquely, revives one of the world’s ancient languages (until recently considered part of any classical curriculum), the language of the Hebrew Bible and other foundational texts. Modern Hebrew is the spoken language in the State of Israel, useful for anyone whose work or education takes them to Israel, with its institutions on the frontiers of science and medicine, significant business start-ups, and environmental and agricultural innovations. Understanding Hebrew will enhance the experience of visiting the great sites of Jerusalem, archaeological digs, or the nightclubs of Tel Aviv, whether you are there to study, discover one of the most diverse countries in the world, or explore your roots. The study of modern Hebrew opens up Israeli culture and relationships with its people and is a gateway to ancient and modern literature.

Why Study Hebrew

Hebrew is  the common language among Jews around the world. Access to Hebrew gains you access to Jewish liturgy and to Jewish communities globally, whatever the vernacular language.

Northeastern offers a vigorous Hebrew program  which will enable you to gain competency in understanding and speaking the language. The Hebrew curriculum incorporates technology, literature, music and film, to allow you to fully prepare for academic pursuits or communicate with native speakers; you will be well prepared for Northeastern Dialogues to Israel, for studying abroad in one of Israel’s university programs, or to go on a Coop placement with an Israeli company.       

You can fulfill your Northeastern University language requirement by studying Hebrew. Hebrew also fulfills credit requirements for a minor in Jewish Studies. 

Course Offerings

If you have had prior training in Hebrew before entering Northeastern University, please contact the World Languages Center at for a placement test.

Elementary courses:
HBRW 1101 — Elementary Hebrew 1
HBRW 1102 — Elementary Hebrew 2

Intermediate courses:
HBRW 2101 — Intermediate Hebrew 1
HBRW 2102 — Intermediate Hebrew 2

Course Schedule

Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for a comprehensive list of current course offerings.