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ברוכים הבאים to Northeastern

Modern Hebrew is one of the most miraculous phenomena on Earth today.  The Language of the Hebrew Bible and its robust literature since antiquity has been revived and evolved.  Hebrew is spoken mainly in Israel, and by Jewish communities worldwide. Its speakers are innovative, inventing it anew daily, which results in a Hebrew Language that is rich linguistically, culturally, scientifically, historically, sociologically, and technologically, particularly since Israel has become and is acknowledged globally as a Start-Up-Nation.          

Northeastern offers a vigorous Hebrew program which will widen your horizons.  You will acquire language skills parallel to an encompassing cultural experience anchored in understanding of Israel as a multi-culture state, in its unique geographical place in the Middle East.  

The Hebrew curriculum incorporates technology, literature, music, films, spiced up with foods and treats, to allow you to fully prepare for academic pursuits or communication with native speakers wherever you may encounter them; you will be well prepared for Northeastern Dialogue programs to Israel, for studying abroad in one of Israel’s university programs or to be match with Israeli companies affiliated with Northeastern’s Coop program.       

You can fulfill your Northeastern University language requirement by studying Hebrew and pursue an academic minor in Jewish Studies as part of our interdisciplinary collaboration.

Why Study Hebrew

Intel owns its largest branch outside of the United States, in Israel.
In the area of ​​water desalination, Israel is one of the most advanced in the world.
The city of Tel Aviv is included in the list of most expensive cities in the world.
The world’s largest bahaus architecture stronghold is in the city of Tel Aviv.
The citrus export industry from Israel is one of the largest in the world.
Israel is the world’s largest polished diamond exporter.
The World Space Club has 9 countries. One of them is Israel.
Israel is one of the countries where life expectancy is relatively high.
Infant deaths in Israel are among the lowest in the world.
The percentage of attorneys with respect to the population of Israel is the highest in the world.
150 species of the flora variety in Israel are unique
Israel is the world’s first in the economy to resist crises
Israel was ranked seventh in the happiness index of its citizens.|
In relation to its size, Israel is the largest immigrant state in the world.
Israel has more museums relative to its population than any other country in the world.
Drip irrigation is an Israeli invention that helps save water worldwide.
Israel is the country where the highest percentage of the population holds a registered patent.
NASA’s technology used to send video images from Mars to Earth was developed by a pair of Israelis.
Israel is one of the only eight countries in the world that can launch satellites into space.
Israeli currency is marked for the blind
Every year there are 1000 letters arrive to Israel on which the addressee is God.
The Nobel Prize Committees have honored 11 Israelis since Shmuel Yosef Agnon became the first blue-and-white laureate in 1966:

Course Offerings

Students with prior background  in Hebrew before entering Northeastern University should contact Professor Sigalit Davis at to schedule a placement test and obtain information regarding intermediate and advanced level courses.

Elementary courses:
HBRW 1101 — Elementary Hebrew 1
HBRW 1102 — Elementary Hebrew 2

Intermediate courses:
HBRW 2101 — Intermediate Hebrew 1
HBRW 2102 — Intermediate Hebrew 2

Course Schedule

Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for a comprehensive list of current course offerings.