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ノースイースタン大学へよ うこそ (Welcome to Northeastern)!

Japanese is the language of manga, anime, Zen, and a literary tradition that includes The Tale of Genji, the haiku of Matsuo Basho, and the novels of Murakami Haruki.

By studying Japanese at Northeastern, you can enhance your personal knowledge of Japanese culture, fulfill the University language requirement, participate in the Dialogue of Civilizations: Japanese Language and Culture in the summer, experience co-op opportunities in Japan, study abroad for a semester in major universities in Tokyo, and pursue a minor in Japanese.

The Japanese language program offers language courses at all levels, including hybrid classes at the elementary level. Language courses enhance various aspects of Japan’s historical and cultural heritage. The program also offers extra-curricular activities for students, helping them experience Japanese culture first-hand, in activities such as a Japanese Movie Night and a Mochi New Year’s Party, as well as Japan-related events like talks and traditional theater performances.

Why Study Japanese?

As a major player in the global market, Japan is the world’s third largest economy and a leader of many cutting-edge technologies.

Learning Japanese will increase your cultural awareness and help you understand the complexity and depth of contemporary Japan, its past, and its future.

Studying Japanese helps you interact with Japanese people at a deeper level when you travel, study abroad, and work in Japan.

Many awards and scholarships, such as the Boren AwardBenjamin A. Gilman ScholarshipFreeman-Asia AwardFulbright ScholarshipCritical Language Scholarship, and AATJ Bridging Scholarships are available for Japanese learners. More information can be found in the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Course Offerings

If you have had prior training in Japanese before entering Northeastern University, please contact the Program Coordinator, Prof. Rei Inouye at for a placement test.

Elementary courses:

JPNS 1101 – Elementary Japanese 1
JPNS 1102 – Elementary Japanese 2

Intermediate courses:

JPNS 2101 – Intermediate Japanese 1
JPNS 2102 – Intermediate Japanese 2

Advanced courses:
JPNS 3101 – Advanced Japanese 1
JPNS 3102 – Advanced Japanese 2

JPNS 3800 – Special Topics
JPNS 3301 – Advanced Japanese Immersion 1

Dialogue of Civilizations:
Japanese Language and Culture 

Course Schedule

Please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for a comprehensive list of current course offerings.

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