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Endnotes: May 2024 Newsletter

Endnotes is a regular feature of the CSSH newsletter that lists accomplishments of our faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, and other members of our CSSH community.


  • Amarachukwu Ifeji (Political Science ’24) received a Hodgkinson Award, a Marshall Scholarship, and was named to the Huntington 100. 
  • Ezra Acevedo (International Affairs ’24) and Fenner Dreyfuss-Wells (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics ’24) won Fulbright Scholarships. 
  • Charlie Zhang (Sociology, Anthropology, and Global Strategy ’24) received CSSH’s Ruth E. Sullivan Award in recognition of his interdisciplinary research. 
  • Lily Hyun (International Affairs and Economics ’26) won a Critical Language Scholarship for overseas summer study in critically needed foreign languages. 
  • Mandy Cooper (International Affairs and International Business ’25) was awarded a Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to pursue academic studies abroad, preparing them to assume significant roles in the global economy.  
  • Lila Hempel-Edgers (Criminal Justice and Journalism ‘25) won the Sears B. Condit Award, a scholarship for outstanding academic achievement.   
  • Jenia Browne (International Affairs ’24) received a Compass Awards, which recognizes true dedication to a core set of values: leadership, volunteerism, academic integrity, and commitment to Northeastern. 

The following CSSH students were named to the Huntington 100, which honors outstanding students whose achievements are commensurate with the university’s mission, ideals, values, and academic plan: 

  • Ariana Aghili (Political Science and International Affairs ’24) 
  • Hannah Anthony (International Affairs and Human Services’24) 
  • Ashley Brown (Biochemistry and Approved Independent Studies ’24) 
  • Kelly Durning (Sociology and International Affairs ’24) 
  • Jessica Garcia (Human Services ’24) 
  • Amarachukwu Ifeji (Political Science ’24) 
  • Dominic Nishigaya (Criminal Justice ’25) 
  • Olivia Oestreicher (Political Science and Communication Studies ’25) 
  • Lydia Rascher (International Affairs and Sociology ’24) 
  • Sophie Sawyers (Economics and Data Science ’25) 
  • Sharan Sekhon (Politics, Philosophy, and Economics ’24) 
  • Ruth Stuart (Criminal Justice ’24) 
  • Erin Vetter (Sociology and Communication Studies ’25) 
  • Xinyu Wu (Economics and Mathematics & Data Science ’24) 
  • Madeline DiPalma (International Affairs ’25), Nadia Boudoukara (Sociology ’24), and Eliza Roth (Sociology ’25) received CSSH Co-op Poster Awards. 
  • Maya Bravo (Communication Studies and Sociology ’24), Mim Merchant (Human Services and Sociology ’24), and Keneya Onuaguluchi (History, Culture, and Law ’25) received the CSSH Excellence in Work to Foster Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Award. 


  • Alisa Chen (English, MA ’24), Nora Masler (Urban Planning and Policy, MS ’24), and Sadaf Mehdi (Urban Informatics, MS ’24) were awarded Northeastern’s Community Impact Award. 
  • Clara Copp-LaRocque (MPA ’24), Elena Castellini (Political Science, MA ’24), and Grace Poudrier (Philosophy PhD ’24) received a Lux. Veritas. Virtus. Award. 
  • Grace Poudrier also received a Northeastern Dissertation Completion Fellowship, alongside Cherice Jones (English PhD ’24) and Tieanna Graphenreed (English PhD ’24). 
  • Caela Budd (MPA ’24), Conor Ridlon (MPP ’24), Michael Davis (MPP ’24), Barry Szczesny (MPP ’24), and Stephanie Graber (MPP ’24) were honored with the Barry Bluestone “Think and Do” Award. 
  • Gloria Schmitz (Public Policy PhD ’24) received Northeastern’s School Spirit Award. 
  • Victoria Dey (Public History PhD ’26) won a Fulbright Scholarship. 
  • LaureL Schlegel (History PhD ’24) received an Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Leadership. 


All faculty accomplishments can be found on our Faculty Accomplishments pages.

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